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I did it because I wanted to feel prettier. Nobody...

I did it because I wanted to feel prettier. Nobody thought I needed a nose job really because my nose wasn't too bad. So I did it. And ladies (and men) please hear from me that if you don't get too nervous, it will be as if you got out a tooth.

What I did was let my body be there but not my soul. I don't care what I read, I knew this operation wasn't a big deal and it wasn't, and i'll have it be said that everytime i've gotten my blood taken, i've passed to the floor so this isn't coming from some absurdly tough girl who can string out anything. I'm a baby about it all and this operation STILL wasn't horrible. The worst pain is just small discomfort. I didn't even need many pain meds after and i've been eating delicious small soft foods since.

Considering i'm in high school, I may have different results than an older woman may but I just thought to share that. Because I was looking online before I got mine and some people scared me a bit but the truth should be known so I hope this helps other girls like me.

As for the actual nose job, I don't know what it's going to look like in the end but i'm pretty happy with what it looks like in the splint. I got the bridge reduced, the tip refined and it straightened and my doctor was awesome.

So girls and boys, the one thing i'd tell you is don't let your body be worried. Rest your mind, and you will feel amazing.

I'm happy for you. I hope I'll get the same results too.

I have two questions. By answering them you would do me a great favor.
1. please let me know who your doctor was. It will be great help. because I live in Maryland too, and the doctor I might choose has an office in chevy chase too.

2. dr. schonfeld is who I might go with, because I live close by in Maryland. Did you hear anything about him in your search? I appreaciate any kind of info.

Thanks a lotttttttttttt

That's awesome! I would've loved a nose job in high school. Now you have your entire adulthood to enjoy the results. Would you mind sharing who your surgeon was?

Name not provided

She didn't just do whatever I asked. She did what thought fit well with my face. It's hard to know yourself sometimes so her perspective, being an outsider, was good. She wasn't there to just please me and tell me all I wanted to hear. I guess you could say she wasn't the type of doctor who would take a picture of celebrity and slap it on your face. She also was friendly enough and very experienced. The fact she was well-educated was soothing.

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