Hard Areas After Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift

I had full liposuction of the stomach and back and...

I had full liposuction of the stomach and back and also had a brazilian butt lift. I am 10 days post surgery but my stomach and back feel very hard and the area where the fat was injected into my buttocks is very hard as well. I have read that hardness after liposuction may be normal but is the hardness in the buttocks normal? If so, how long will it take to soften up?

I have not really noticed any significant difference in the way my body looks after the surgery but my doctor says that that is because I am still swollen.

Is hardness of the area after liposuction and brazilian butt lift normal and for how long?
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At this point I do not recommend my doctor because I have not noticed any results may be after the swelling subsides I will feel differently.

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There is no question that areas of liposuction can be hard for months after the procedure. Your buttocks will also be firm after fat grafting, and may be "very firm" if a large volume of fat is injected into it. But, it usually softens over the first month or two. My patients all see their final result by about 2-3 months. If it is done right, and depending on how much fat was removed and injected, you should see a dramatic change in your size and shape as soon as the procedure is completed. From that point on, up till about 2-3 months, it just gets better and better.
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i just got lipo but the areas are not hard.. what does that mean? was it not done right. also the area seems the same size but there is incision points and bruising.. so i think something was done. let me know what you think. thanks.
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I was looking into getting a BBL in MD also, but I just couldn't afford the $13,000 asking price. I hear there's a really good doctor in FL that charges roughly half of that. I've also seen the FL doctor's tummy tucks so I'm definitely saving up. I wanna get both procedures done (not at the same time) right the first time.
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Call Dr. marwan Khalife, he did a good job on mine. He's in Chevy a Chase! Maryland. I think it's $8,500.
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Im not sure if that is normal.. but Im about to get a Brazilian butt lift in MD and its going to cost me ALOT of money!!! Is there anyway to get ur doctors info so i know NOT to go there... Thanks!
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DC Cosmetics is a lot cheaper, my Dr is Marwan Khalife and he's dual board certified plastic surgeon. He did a good job on mine.
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