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I had this procedure done a few weeks ago, by what...

I had this procedure done a few weeks ago, by what I thought was a "coolsculpting nurse", come to find out she was an esthetican NOT a nurse!!! I ended up with a burn from the way she applied the applicator and did have the gel pad placed properly. I know a lot of offices that are allowing office staff and medical assit/estheticans to perform this procedure. However I learned the hard way, DO NOT ALLOW anyone who it not a medical licensed professional to perform this one you..Either a nurse or doctor, this maybe noninvasive but it is still altering/contouring your body in a permanent way. You can get burned, have an uneven results and other problems. I know you can have this if it were a doctor, but an estheticans has a background in skin care NOT the body's anatomy!! There are plenty of doctors who have nurses doing this procedure, do not make the same mistake I did,which has left me with a mark on my stomach!! FIND A NURSE/DOCTOR!!!!


It's been less than a month, but how are things? Is the bruising, swelling gone? Have you changed your mind in terms of being 'disappointed'? It does take a while for full results.
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I agree with you, I think the results really depend on the quality of application. It may seem like it should not matter as the machine is the machine, but I think it does. I went to a plastic surgeon and an RN did mine. I had my lower abdomen done and it was a little expensive. I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere, but I am sure glad I went with a board certified plastic surgeon. I am about a month out and my results are beyond amazing!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry you had complications due to the application!

Which area(s) did you have the procedure carried out on? Did you find you had much pain or downtime during and after the procedure?

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