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I have always been known for my chest. In...

I have always been known for my chest. In elementary school I remember wearing an under wire bra for my size C breasts. As I got older, my chest made me stand out from my peers, and garnered the wrong type of attention. Many young men tried to date me or assumed I was overly sexual because of my breasts.

I have always been on the curvy side. In middle school my boobs popped out to a size D. I attended a very small charter school (90 students in grades 6, 7, and 8). Most of my peers were Caucasian and Asian. With the exception of a handful of girls, the majority of the young ladies in my school were very petite or athletically built. My body was very different from everyone else's, my size Ds did not help matters. I was teased incessantly for being fat. I was 5"2 132 pounds.

In high school, my physique was coveted. Young men in my school and adults would often approach me. I hated the attention and the assumption that I was fast. How do people judge you just by the size of your breast? I wore oversized everything. I wanted to hide in my clothes. I never wanted to participate in gym or any athletic activities. I was so self conscious about the bounce factor. I remember doing jumping jacking in class and my teacher yelled, "put those jugs away. We are in school." I was mortified and asked my mother to get me a doctor's exemption from gym.

During college I gained more than my fair share of the freshman 15, and I jumped to a size DD. Clothes would not fit me correctly. I started dating one of the more popular young men on campus. The rumors were that he like me because of my boobs. Right in front of me a young lady smirked and said, "is her brains in her titties"? I had an immediate flashback to high school. I did not want to be anywhere that I felt like I would be on display. I avoided parties,large group outings, and even the cafeteria. My boyfriend and I spent most of our time off campus.

A few years later, I finally managed to lose 67 pounds. I was down to a size 8 and a droppy but happy size D bra. I was exercising 5 times per week. Although my the weight of my breast made it difficult to exercise, I was able to manage.

Everything changed when I had my son. My breast and weight have skyrocketed between being pregnant and deciding to be a stay at home mommy. I was on bedrest for 6 months of my pregnancy and during that time I gained wait. After having a difficult labor and an emergency c-section, I gained even more weight. I am not as active as I once was. I am now 217 pounds and a size DDD-E. I have tried to get active several times, but the sheer weight of my breast on my small frame has made it unbearable. I am having neck, shoulder, and back pains. I hate having this pressure on my chest all of the time. All my son want to do is run around and mommy can't keep up.

I have considered a breast reduction for many years. My breast have gotten so large that they are really interfering with my quality of life. I hate not being able to be active with my son. I hope to go down to a small D or large C cup. I know I'll have the pregnant look but I don't really care. I know this will change my life and allow me to lose the weight once and for all.

I have my fears. During my c-section I was not given enough anesthesia and could feel them cutting me. They had to give me emergency medication in my IV. I also worry about the possible complications, but I can't go on like this.

Dr. Wells has been really good. Last year, I went...

Dr. Wells has been really good. Last year, I went for a consultation and the doctor seemed to try to talk me out of it. He was listed as a BCBS provider but kept commenting that he really didn't like working with insurance. He kept complaining that insurance companies only wanted to pay a fraction of what he was paid normally. I think this was part of the reason he tried to talk me out of the procedure. He said he would call me once he got authorization. I called his office several times and the receptionist kept telling me that nothing came in for me. The strange thing is I never even got a denial or approval from my insurance company. I don't even believe that they filed a claim. The experience was daunting, and I forwent the surgery.

A year later I did some research and decided to try again. The difference between Dr. Wells and the other doctor was like day and night.
She was upbeat, positive, and informative. The only thing that left me a little uncertain is that we disagreed about my target post op size. She is a very petite woman. She is advocating for me to be a size D or even a DD. She keeps insisting that everything should be balanced and in proportion. Well, I am overweight, and I do not want breast in proportion to my current weight. I told her that I wanted to be a large C or small D. If she is thinking D or DD, then she is obviously thinking in larger terms. As the person lugging these things around, I reserve the right to want a lighter load. Hopefully we can come to a conclusion. I will change providers if needed. I have no problem with a smaller bust after losing weight. If I am going to go through this, I want a significant change.

Welcome to RealSelf!   I am so happy that you have shared your journey with all of us.  I assure you that we can all relate and do feel your pain.  Unless someone has lived with large breasts you have no idea what we all go through.  

You are going to be so very happy having this done.  I felt the same way prior to my reduction in regards to exercise and comfort level while working out.  Well actually I tried and quit because it was so uncomfortable.  

After my reduction I went on to drop 70 pounds.  This never would have happened as long as I had the large breasts.  So you just keep moving forward and know you will feel better.  

I look forward to following your journey:)

Hi Ladies! Let me introduce my self. I am a 43 yr old with Huge breast almost the the same age. My breast started taking over my body in the fourth grade when I wore a 32C cup. As I continued to grow so did they!! My story is not much different than others that I have read except that I have not seen a cup the same size or bigger then mine. Right now my shoulders and back have the burden of holding up not one but two very large and heavy 46L's! I have been wanting a reduction since I was 16 but for some reason I can't remember the doc wanted me to wait. (not so thanks doc)So here I am with my mind made up to finally do it! October 29th I had my lastest back and shoulder pain attack. (I have pain all the time but attacks are so much worse) I couldn't even lift my purse without the pain shooting up my neck and down my arm and the next day up my into the side of my head to the point I couldnt turn my head. I told my husband that weekend that enough is enough, I was going to look into getting it done. The following day I called my insurence, and they said all I had to do was make an appt with my primary care provider to get a referral to a surgeon, if they both think that I qualify for it then they would cover it. (I so Love Triwest and my husband who served 20 years in the navy so we can still recieve the coverage) I was resurching on line and came across this websight. I am very happy to have found RealSelf, I realy didn't know what to expect from the surgery but thanks to all of you brave women who have shared your stories and pictures I am more calm. I have to admit that the first set of recovery pix I saw scared the **** out of me and I cringed and just about turned off my laptop never to turn it back on again, but the reassuring words helped change my mind and now I am ok with the fresh post-op style I hope to be sporting. Well I followed the dirctions I was given and tomorrow is my very first appointment with my primary doc. I am excited but like the entry from Not Sure...My boobies are a part of my life, everything I do,I do around them. We have been through a lot together! All though they do not totaly define me I will miss them. I have realized and need to keep in mind, I will not be getting rid of them totaly just slimming them down a bit. I will still have them. Hey maybe I will have a boobies-be-gone party and celebrate the fact that they have had a good life and it is time for them to move on... Anybody wanna join me? I will post what the doc says tomorrow. Have a good night ladies.

My doctor was nice, but I don't think she is...

My doctor was nice, but I don't think she is the one for me. She wants me to remain on the larger side after my reduction (DD). I have been a DD most of my life and was considering a reduction when I as that size. I asked her if there were any medical reasons for her insistence, and she did not provide any. I was told by her assistants that I just have to trust her.

It is also nerve-wracking that she is never available to answer my questions. I have to conduct everything through her assistants, and they are the intermediaries for our conversations. I can't proceed knowing that we do not agree on the goals and knowing that I will not see her again until the day of surgery.

Her work looks beautiful, but I need a better connection with my doctor. I am hoping my next consult is a success!

I agree with you. If you cannot talk directly to the person your putting your life into their hands then its not worth it. Communication is a big key to any type of relationship and you need to feel safe and comfortable with the person your entering the relationship with. Keep looking i know you will find someone great!!

Keep searching my dear!   If you have any hesitation at all then she is not the doctor for you.  You need to be completely comfortable and confident in your choice.  Listen to your heart and also the little voice inside and you will know when you have found the right doctor.  No rush here.  

I met with several doctors before I found mine.  And it was worth the wait!!!  When you do find the right one you will be at peace  and comfortable.  

I was so strange. She only showed me one picture. The picture she showed me was of a woman who had breast reconstruction surgery. Her website pictures look good, but something just isn't sitting right with me about her.I actually found a highly rated and active doctor on Real Self. I have an appointment tomorrow. Reportedly, he even takes calls on Christmas day! lol....

I have an appointment with a highly rated and very...

I have an appointment with a highly rated and very active RealSelf doctor, tomorrow. I am so excited! I've read his responses to other peoples questions, and he just gives off a good vibe. When I called the office, the receptionist went on and on about how nice he is. His work is awesome! I had to kiss a couple of PS frogs, but with any luck he'll be my PS prince. lol. I sound corny but I really am excited. Initially, my appointment was not until the end of November. The receptionist remembered that I wanted to get in ASAP, and she called me because they have a vacancy tomorrow. Whoop... Whoop! I'll let you know how it goes. *fingers crossed*
Thank you for the support, MrsLaster. I know I can be super picky and analytical at times, so I wasn't sure if I was overreacting or not. It's hard to walk away when my surgery was scheduled for Nov. 14, but things just don't seem right. If anything goes wrong, I don't want to have to rely solely on messengers. I am supposed to meet with a RealSelf doctor tomorrow. I am super excited!

I met with my doctor today, and he was wonderful....

I met with my doctor today, and he was wonderful. I can't believe I even considered settling for the other PS. He was attentive, informative, and personable. I have to say the best thing about him is that he listened! I asked him what size he thought would best suit me, and he said a large C or small D. You could have knocked me over with a feather because that was the size I wanted to be. It felt amazing to be on the same page as the PS.

This must be fate because I was scheduled to have surgery with the first doctor on Nov. 14. I will be scheduled for either the 9th, 14th, or 16th of November. He gave me his email address and told me to call or email him with any questions. Furthermore, I will see him two additional times before the surgery. If there is anyone in my place, I would take the advice of the doctors and other real self reviews. Find a second, third, fourth opinion and do not settle!

So...Oprah mentioned that most of the women in...

So...Oprah mentioned that most of the women in America are wearing ill-fitting bras. I guess you can put me in that category. I knew a DDD was a little snug but my PS estimated that I am a J. I am a J! Wow! I just thought I'd share that. As I accrue more expenses I will update the cost...

I went to my pre-op physical on Friday. My new...

I went to my pre-op physical on Friday. My new doctor was wonderful. It's amazing how interested I have become in my overall health since beginning this journey. I have had Patient First listed as my primary care physician forever. I could have went to them to get clearance, but I wanted someone I could develop a relationship with. My surgery is 18 days away. I am starting to get a little nervous. Although I had a c-section, I did not plan for one. Therefore I didn't have days and weeks to agonize over surgery. By the time I knew I had to have the c-section, I'd been in labor for two days and was delirious with pain. I just wanted my baby OUT!

Hopefully, I can calm my nerves. I can't seem to think about anything else except the breast reduction. I wanted to post pictures but I don't like not being able to take them down if I change my mind. I also saw a couple of real self breast pictures when I did a google search for cup sizes. I'll keep thinking about it but for now, it's a nope.

My surgery is next Wednesday. As is my tenancy, I...

My surgery is next Wednesday. As is my tenancy, I have become less vocal about the process. I think the more I consider and have to plan, the more introspective I become. I am still very excited about the procedure. I just can't believe that it is finally happening. I am nervous, excited, and my mind keeps racing. I don't feel prepared. I haven't been sleeping very well. All I can think of are breasts. Don't worry... I am not having a breakdown. I just tend to get hyper-focused and antsy when things like this are approaching. I was the same way around my due date.

This has taken on a very stream of consciousness type of tone... I'll focus up.

I had my pre-op today. The nurse went over my before and after to do list. The gave me all of my prescriptions and the Arnica Montana. My medi haul consists of a pain-killer, antibiotic, and an anxiety medication (I guess I came off as a little wound up). I am also supposed to get this special medical scrub stuff (I will post the name later). I took some pictures of the girls, to document the process. I am pretty darn big! I know I've complained about my breast, but seeing them in a picture is nuts! If I had any doubts (which I don't) that picture would have been just the kick in the pants I needed.

It's about 2:00am, and I am still awake. I am now...

It's about 2:00am, and I am still awake. I am now the creepy lady who peers at breast all times of the day and night. lol... On a side note, my doctor is a RealSelf Top doctor. I think that's pretty neat. :o)

One more week darlin:)


I promise not to update for a while. lol.... I...

I promise not to update for a while. lol.... I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with Dr. Schreiber. I emailed him at 4:40am and less than two hours later... he responded!!! Wow... This wasn't an emergency email. It was just an "I am keeping myself awake with questions" email. I am sooooo very, very, very glad that I went with another surgeon!

Oh please don't stop the updates!  I love them:)   You have a very fantastic doctor and I am so completely glad you kept looking and found him!


It's all good!  You will get plenty of sleep today!   Deep breath.

I am sooooo excited. I can't even sleep. It is 4:36am and I am wide awake. I know I need to rest, but I can't seem to settle down. *sigh*

I took my happy pill (Ativan) last night. I was...

I took my happy pill (Ativan) last night. I was supposed to use it to reduce anxiety and get some sleep. I was hesitant to take it, but several days of sleep deprivation made me reconsider. I slept like a baby, although I am sure my hubby had a rough night. I was really worried about taking a drug that could alter your mental state. Bearing this in mind, I asked my husband to keep an eye on me. He took that responsibility quite seriously and every time I stirred in the bed, he was alert to make sure I was okay. Only 5 more days to go!!! Wow... I still can't believe it... I will probably be in disbelief until I wake up from surgery.

I mentioned to Dr. Schreiber that one of my fears is still having large breast, after the surgery. I said that since he couldn't guarantee a particular size, I would appreciate it if he err on the side of taking too much. This may sound strange, but my breast have really been a sort of albatross around my neck. I want to be free! If push came to shove, I assured him that I could use other means to get a little extra cleavage (push-up bras, inserts, socks, tissue, He said he totally understood and would take as much as he could while still maintaining my nipple and an aesthetically pleasing breast. That sounds good to me! I sooooooooo like him....
From you lips to God's ears, Vivianne! :o) How have you been feeling? Are you back in the swing of things?
oh my gosh 4 more days to go. i'm really excited for you and i want you to know that i will most definitely keep you in my prayers on your big day. you're going to have a successful surgery, and a speedy recovering. and finally have the size you deserved.

I made sure to take my happy pill so I could relax...

I made sure to take my happy pill so I could relax before exposing the world to the enormity of my boobies.... lol...
Yes ive been feeling great. No more pain whatsover and I am officially two weeks post op today. I return to school today, my breast are already drooping and I have lil swelling left. So yeah so far, things are looking great.
You are going to be so happy, and feel so much lighter!! Good for you for posting your boobie pic!! I know I struggled with it for a bit before I posted, but it's very empowering!!! (Plus it's anonymous!) I will be happy to not have to look at mine for much longer! :)
Thanks for sharing your story - we have been there!

I was also very anxious about the surgery and anesthesia, having never had any before, and let me tell you I don't remember a thing from the moment I entered the OR until I woke up in recovery. Be sure you are able to talk to the anesthesiologist before the surgery and voice your concerns - it helps. Best wishes!

I haven't had time to respond to the messages of...

I haven't had time to respond to the messages of support that I've received.... yet.... but I wanted to let you know that it really warmed my heart. I really mean that. Thank you so much! I never realized how powerful a support system could be. I will keep you all posted. Wish me luck!!!! I will officially try to make it into bed now....(1:19am).
Hello there? How did your surgery go? Hope everything went well. Keep us posted
Hello! I hope that your surgery went well today :) I am EXACTLY like you! When something like this gets close it is all.I.think.about!!!! I am also the creepy lady who peers at breasts all times of the day and night, and my procedure is now a month and a half away still :/ I have no idea what I will be like when it gets close!

I hope you are well my slightly obsessive friend :)
Hey!! Just came across your posts and hope that your procedure went well! I am scheduled to have my reduction on the 21st and I am super anxious and excited! Take care of yourself and look forward to more updates

Day of Surgery - I was in a tremendous amount of...

Day of Surgery - I was in a tremendous amount of pain. I elected to remain in the hospital overnight. Unfortunately, many of the nurses were missing in action. I was also placed on a pain medication that was not effective for me.

Post Op Day 1 - My pain was minimal after being prescribed the correct mediation. I went home and seemed to be doing better in this environment. I was also finding it terribly hard to remain awake. That's why I haven't been posting.

Post Op Day 2 - Today was a good day. I am able to be more mobile and independent. My family has been very supportive. Today consisted to sleeping, trying to force myself to eat, and taking short walks around the house. It feels as though my son (20 months) knows something is wrong. He has been very gentle with me and moves markedly slower as he gets closer to me. I am not allowed to open my bra until the 18th so I have no idea what the girls look like. I do know that they are waaaaaay smaller. The doctor removed 1491 grams from my right breast and 1128 from the left breast. Strange... my snoring has lessened, according to my husband, and I have not experiences a single bout with heartburn.

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and well-wishes! It really brightened by spirit. Please excuse me if some of my update is a bit skewed. I am fighting to remain awake.
Thanks for being so open about your journey. Can't wait to see your post-op pics!
It strange destiny... sharing my story really helped prepare me for the surgery. I felt like it was a good was to remember why I was getting a reduction and to say goodbye to the girls.
CrownofHisglory, You said you said good bye to the girls. I think that is so important to do. We are loosing a huge part of us and need to sort of greave for the loss. I am planning to have a party for mine lol. calling it something like TA-TA to the Ta-Ta's or, bye bye boobies, or even Boobs begone LOl. I will be saying good bye to the old ones and celebrating the new ones. I will have cupcakes frosted with flesh tones and cherries on the top and lots of boobie decorations. I'm not sure why I told you this realy but wanted to say that saying bye to them is important. Hope your recovery is going well God Bless!!

What do you say when you are heartbroken and the...

What do you say when you are heartbroken and the disparity between what was promised and reality is to different? I don't really know, and that's why I've been a bit mum, lately.

I have been at a loss for words. I was told I would be able to lift my 27 pound son after two weeks. Overall, I was assured that I would be back to my self in no time. Fast forward to now when my right nipple is black and peeling. Turning in either direction makes my incisions feel like they will burst. I also have a small rupture under my right breast. When I realized that my husband has to go back to work in a week and a half, I cried. Any pressure on my breasts causes pain. How am I supposed to lift my son?

I am not sure how I feel about my procedure.

My breast are substantially smaller. That's a good thing, but I am not sure it was worth it. I am doing my best to reserve judgement until I am farther along in my healing.

I had my tubes and dressings removed on November 15. Though tube removal was relatively painless, the remaining wounds were painful. In particular, my left wound was extremely tender. I could not even rest the weight of my arm on my side. The removal of the dressings, by a nurse, was quick and painful. She also tore a piece of my nipple skin. The pain made me dizzy and I was not able to compose myself enough to ask effective questions. After a quick visual assessment assuring my that my breast were perfect, my doctor bid me farewell. I got a brief look at my right nipple and noticed that it appeared black. The burning and searing pain clouded my judgement and I did not ask about it before I left.

On Nov. 17, I was removing my gauze, before showering, and realized that the nipple looked puffy and that some of the skin was coming off. I attempted to email my doctor a picture of my nipple but my file was too big. Panic caused me to call him. I explained my concern about my nipple and asked if it was dying. It did really seem like he was listening because he kept saying that splitting at the t-zone was completely normal. He went on to say that it would heal from the inside out. I repeated my question again. "Is my nipple dying?" He responded matter-of-factly and said, "it may be. That's a possible side effect of large reductions." He then told me to be patient and he would see me at my month check-up. I did not feel assured nor did I feel informed about what was happening.

My husband called just as I was ending my conversation with my doctor. I couldn't hold it together and began sobbing into the phone. I had just finished recounting the phone call with the doctor to my husband and I got another call. My doctor came across a list of questions I sent him earlier in the day (1. When can I drive? 2. Should I put anything on my incisions? 3. When can I exercise? and a bunch of other questions...). He called me back and wanted to know if I could come in to discuss the answers to my questions. I jumped at the opportunity because I was very worried about my nipple. When I got there I got some surprising answers to my questions. One of the more surprising answers was getting the clearance to exercise at two week post op. I stared at him in disbelief. He went on to say that I "can do whatever I want."

In regards to my nipple he kept saying everything will heal up beautifully. He tapped my nipple a few times and it began to swell and ooze. The nurse put a gauze on my nipple and told me that I didn't really have to wear a bra at home. This appointment was on November 16.

On November 17 I removed my gauze and was met with a disaster area. Large portions of my nipple and areola had peeled off. I was oozing and there was a mysterious yellow substance on my nipple. I forwarded a picture of my nipple to my aunt (she is a nurse). She was alarmed. I figured out how to resize my picture and I was able to send it to the doctor. He responded promptly and said sometimes the top skin of the nipple and areola sloughs off. He said it should heal from the inside out. I don't know if this is actually the case with my nipple but it was nice to have a real answer.

For some reason, I shied away from Realself. It is weird, but I felt ashamed that I wasn't having the stellar recovery that other women reported. I felt very isolated and sad. I must say that it feel great to share my journey and I wish I had mustered the heart to do it earlier.
@Kathleen you are so right.... I have been reading everyone's stories everywhere I can as well and I have noticed the same exact thing. Whether it be depression over the new size, taking four weeks to get back to work, open T junctions (that looks AWFUL), a reaction to one of their meds, being too small, being too big, having a wonky nipple, etc. everyone seems to have a few freak outs.... And almost all of them seem to be totally, 100% Ok at 8 weeks out.
Keeping my fingers crossed that I am in that happy place 8 weeks out.... :o)
@Kathleen, that was very well said, and I totally agree with you!

I took the advice of my hubby and the ladies on...

I took the advice of my hubby and the ladies on RealSelf and saw my Primary Care doctor today. She was not pleased by the look of my nipple and was also displeased that it wasn't addressed sooner. Although she did not think my nipple was dying, she thinks that the nipple is infected and has been for a while. She put me on strong antibiotics and an antibacterial ointment. She also took a culture of the fluid on my nipple. She said this will tell her exactly what bacteria is present and she will adjust my medicine appropriately. She also called my PS. I don't know what she said but I have a 9:30am appointment with the PS tomorrow. I am a bit alarmed because Wednesday is not an office visit day for him. I am going to the hospital where he does operations to see him. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Good for you!!!!!! I'm glad that you went to see your primary. sounds like she will help you. My fingers are crossed that your PS will take a little bit more responsibility. let us know what happens tomorrow.
I am so glad to hear that action is being taken for you! Sounds like you've got a great primary doctor who you can trust and depend on. Best of luck with your continued healing!!
oh god my heart goes out to you. why is that happening? maybe is the surgeon. because i had my surgery a month ago. and i have no complication whatsover. oh god i will keep you in my prayer. god will make a way

Today was strange. I met my PS in the hospital....

Today was strange. I met my PS in the hospital. Today was a surgery day for him so our meeting was kind of off the cuff. He came equipped with some gauze and gloves. He took a look at my incisions and my nipple. He wiped the gooey yellow substance from my nipple and pressed it A LOT. After several seconds he told me that he did not believe that my nipple was infected. Instead he said that some of the areola is still trying to slough off. I replied by asking if I still had to take the antibiotics that my primary care doctor prescribed. If I don't have an infections, why should I continue to take antibiotics that have yucky side effects. He told me that once you begin antibiotics you shouldn't stop because the bacteria could become resistant to the medicine. He insisted that I continue the course of treatment that was outlined by my primary care doctor. It's strange that he thinks I should continue her treatment, although she is treating me for infection, and he doesn't believe my nipple is infected. I am happy I went to my primary care doctor. I will definitely keep up with my ointment and antibiotics. I will also keep you all posted.
Thank you for your honest posts. The more we share we realize, when going through tough times, that we are not alone. That makes all the difference sometimes. You will heal. You will take care of any problems, doing what is necessary and good for you. You are strong. It takes guts to get this far, so you know you've got what it takes.

Good News! Well, I think this is good. My cultures...

Good News! Well, I think this is good. My cultures have come back and there was no sign of infection. I have been taking Clindamycin for several days. I am also applying Mupirocin to my nipple. I was told to finish my antibiotics. Initially, my PS told me that a portion of my nipple and areola were sloughing off. I don't know if the oral antibiotics did anything, but I do believe that the use of the ointment has helped to dry my nipple and areola out.

I was a little concerned because I had some separation under my breast. The separation was next to the T-zone. I notice the separation is exposing pink flesh and there is some strange white/yellow lines running through the pink. After I started the antibiotics, I noticed that there was a horrid smell coming from that particular separation. At first I brushed it off as smell because of the medicine. Then, I realized that the smell wasn't coming from my nipple nor was it emitting from other areas on my breast. I was a little concerned about infection under the boob. Can the antibiotic smell only seep through certain areas on the breast? I'll ask PS about it.

On an ironic side note... My left breast has become softer and barely hurts at all. The left breast is the side with the undamaged nipple and areola. I don't have any feeling in that nipple. Now for the irony... My right breast is harder and has been perpetually swollen since my follow up. The right breast has the complicated nipple and areola. Now... wait for it... ready... The nipple and areola on the afflicted breast has FULL sensation. Most of the time my areola uses this sensation to keep me hurting. Well, the other day, I slipped on a shirt and what's left of my nipple got aroused!!!!! Isn't that crazy?

Thank you for all of your prayers and well-wishes. I will certainly keep you all in my prayers and continue to update you.
Hello, I have been following your journey and I just wanted to see how your doing, have your breasts healed yet? I know you were having some issues with your nipples and I pray things are ok for you now, please update pictures if you feel up to it.
Hi Jessie! My breast have not totally healed. It has been a process. I am glad to say that I am make progress... albeit very slow. The right nipple does seems to be doing something. I guess it's getting better. The dead skin has sloughed off and now my areola is bright pink. The actual nipple seems to be unaffected.
i got a bilteral breast reduction 11/02/2011 and my doctor was very good at his work,the only problems im having is stinging of my right breast and stabbing pains and no sensation of the left breast

Quick Update: Every time I take a shower, my scabs...

Quick Update: Every time I take a shower, my scabs get kinda soft. Well, last night, I guess I stayed in the shower a bit too long and some of my scabs fell off. I guess that's no biggie because the skin underneath wasn't raw or stinging. The interesting thing is, the black skin that was on my right nipple sloughed off. I remember reading that an area heals better once the dead skin and tissue is removed. With that in mind I did not panic. Now my areola look bright pink. I do have a brown patch where my nipple has been hiding. Apparently it has been undamaged during this ordeal. There are those notorious yellow/white patches. They seem to be drying into orangish patches and crumbling off. Beneath, I am seeing more pink flesh. Pink means healthy from what I've heard, so I am encouraged.
It's been a long while. My breast have finally healed and there was scarring. I was not able to do the scar prevention techniques, because it too so long for me to actually heal. My left breast has healed wonderfully with minimal scarring. I lost much of the pigment around my nipple in the right breast. All in all. I am glad that I went through the process. It really made a change in my life. I am not positive, however, that I would do it again. My optimism about the procedure (before I knew what was to come) is what pushed me to go through with it. It would be hard to make the decision knowing what I know now (although I wouldn't desire it any less). I hope all is well you you ladies. Thank you for the sense of camaraderie you all provided, during that emotional and physically taxing portion of my life.
wow. I am 21 days post op and really trusting and leaning on Christ to get me through this. I am with you, I wouldn't change my decision as I feel my breast are in much better shape than before. But your testimony has really helped me remain calm. What would you say was the overall time for the complete healing? Can you provide a picture of your right breast today?
hi how are yu healing i hope great im not gone lye your picture has scared me i have a BR coming up and know im kinda scared i hope all is well with you please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing...god bless...

It's been some time...

It's been a long while. My breast have finally healed and there was scarring. I was not able to do the scar prevention techniques, because it too so long for me to actually heal. My left breast has healed wonderfully with minimal scarring. I lost much of the pigment around my nipple in the right breast. All in all. I am glad that I went through the process. It really made a change in my life. I am not positive, however, that I would do it again. My optimism about the procedure (before I knew what was to come) is what pushed me to go through with it. It would be hard to make the decision knowing what I know now (although I wouldn't desire it any less). I hope all is well you you ladies. Thank you for the sense of camaraderie you all provided, during that emotional and physically taxing portion of my life.
I am so glad you came through it. I had a terrible time too, quite similar to yours.
you have had a tough time and been plain unlucky, but glad to hear all is healed now. i hope you can start enjoying the result
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