1 Week Post-op, Uneven 240cc, 5'1" 105lbs - Maryland

I had my breast augmentation about a week ago and...

I had my breast augmentation about a week ago and I was initially happy with what I came out with. Until 2 days after I removed my surgical garment and replaced it with my sports bra. I noticed that my right breast is not as full at the crease as my left. I could also tell they are uneven because it wasn't filling the bottom part of my sports bra like my left breast does. My right was a little smaller pre-op and was very precise about fixing the uneveness.

I decided to have 240cc saline mod profile on my left and let the PS use his judgement on my right. I never asked how much he put on my right breast but will definitely ask on my 2-week post op. My left breast is just how I want them to be but still a little tender when touched. My right breast seems a little wider also at the top, a little higher, but much softer than my left. BA didnt recommend any massages until I see him next time.

Is it too early to tell if I have uneven breast implants and being paranoid about it? Will my right breast drop over the course of time? Please advise.

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Though we had some miscommunication in the beginning and saw how disappointed I was, he right away put me on his priority list and rest assured I'll be happy when i come out of the surgery.

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Can you tell me who your PS was..I am also from Maryland and looking for a PS... Thanks Teresa
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I honestly think your implant size is pretty small. my PS told me that 80% of people chosing implants under 300cc are not happy with the results. i think you should have gone with larger implants. I have a small frame and kinny and my doctor suggested implant size between 300 and 360 saline so i chose 330cc and im very pleased with the results and they look very natural.
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are you still wearing the strap your doctor sent you home with.. Personally i think you should have went a little bigger.. maybe like a 350cc or 400cc
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Yes, it is to early to tell. If you want perfect and exact that is not going to happen. Allow yourself sometime to heal and then if you are still unhappy discuss your options with your PS
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I think you are healing well, and that your implants will drop considerably over the next few months, and that will cause the nipple to point straight ahead (or much closer to it). In other words, relax, be patient, and don't worry. Give it some time. Also, you can never achieve perfect symmetry. If you look closely enough at most anything you will see asymmetry.
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I think its great that your surgeon is willing to reoperate and fix the asymmetry that is evident, and he deserves to be recommended on this basis. Personally, I think both implants could be replaced lower in the breast - the left around 10cm lower and the right around 20-25cm lower. Your nipples are downpointing in both, but signficantly so in the right. Also the cleavage created is too high. Surgeons are mindful to 'create' cleavage when placing an implant, and tend to place them on the high side if anything because an implant that is placed too low (particularly in a tight breast) is difficult (sometimes next to impossible) to push up in a bra because of adherence of the implant to the rear chest wall. Please look at my photos. I had similar issues - asymmetric and placed too high plus (in my case) overly large implants. In my revision surgery, the implants were placed slightly lower in the breast (around 10mm) & produced a much natural teardrop shape to the breast and better nipple placement. That was ten years ago and my breasts still look the same today. Feel free to print and show these photos to your surgeon for him to consider the possibility of slightly lowering the placement of both implants, not just the right. I wish for you happiness with the outcome of this significant surgery, and since your surgeon wishes this too, I think you are in safe hands.
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