375cc Silicone Implants - One Breast is More Real Than the Other

I had my procedure done awake, but sedated. I am...

I had my procedure done awake, but sedated. I am extremely happy with my result, except for the little concern about the feel of them.

I always wanted breast implants and then when I had my children, I really wanted them : )

I had a breast augmentation four months ago and overall...I am very happy. I only have one concern. I got 375cc silicone implants above the breast tissue. I was a 34B and now a 34D. My breast were a bit uneven (one sat lower than the other and one was more fuller than the other) before and I understand that followed over. My right sits lower than my left and my left is way more soft than my right. It actually doesn't even feel like an implant is in there because it feels so real. The small concern that I have is that my left breast feels harder than my right. Not hard like a rock or anything, but you can feel the implant; whereas, my right...it's as if there is no implant. I hope I'm making sense : ) Is this normal?
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He was very comforting and was very straight up with me. I wanted to go a little bigger, but he was very frank with me and told me that I should not go so big because of my body type. I loved that he was very honest and patient with me.

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update!! went for my final check up and everything is perfectly fine. my anatomy is the only issue and i can't fix that : ) my right breast was slightly bigger than the left and we couldn't do different size implants because the difference was so small. i just never noticed the difference before because i didn't look at my breasts so much. he was great at explaining everything and compared my pictures with me. i would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat : ) thanks everyone.
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Steph, most everyone has a dominant side, but you don't hear about 100% of patients ending up with capsular contracture on one side (or both sides for that matter); if you're experiencing capsular contracture, you might want to have a chat with your surgeon about it.
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I have the same problem and I got mine done in september so it has been a little over 3 months... I think its b/c I clean tanning beds and use my right arm so my left doesn't get much work out... however I'm not a doctor so I do not know! but you aren't alone in this
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Since you got silicone (not saline) on both sides, and presumably the identical firmness of silicone, it's starting to sound like you *might* have capsular contracture going on with your left implant. Get an appointment with your surgeon to discuss. It's not critically urgent, but you should do so sooner rather than later. If you postpone making that appointment, see if you notice your left side getting gradually firmer over the weeks/months to come. This will be fairly subjective, and it's possible you might convince yourself it's changing when it's not. So you might have to get creative trying to quantify how firm each side is (and it would be handy to compare left to right). I'm tempted to suggest you might need to massage the left implant, but you might be beyond the point where that will help. Definitely check with your surgeon. If there's a chance of a post-op revision at a discounted price, that opportunity will obviously fade with the passage of time.
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Yeah...his name is spelled Dr. Alonso and I went to the Timonium location. He is the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Harbor Hospital, I believe. I don't remember who I spoke with at first, but she was just as sweet as she could be. When it came to the money though, the attitude changed and as soon as they got paid I never heard from her again. The doctor and all the nurses I had were very good. I would recommend them in a heartbeat, but the patient coordinators...not so much. I'm sorry to hear yours didn't go so well. If you need something fixed or dealt with I would ask for my doctor. Hopefully things will get better for you.
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I wished I would have met the Dr. you used. I used Dr. Bruce and the whole ordeal was crap. I had mine done in Sept. I am still having pains and Jocelyn had told me on Oct.21st she would have Dr. Bruce call me well she has yet to call me and so I filed a complaint. I am glad you are happy and you did not use Dr.Bruce.
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Screwed up! lol. My right is way more soft than my left. The right feels completely real; whereas, my left is harder. Sorry : )
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