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Hey Ladies! I very sad and confused at the same...

Hey Ladies! I very sad and confused at the same time. Well its like this, i was scheduled next week which is the 15th to have my procedure with Dr. Salama. I chose him becuase of all the ladies beautiful pics and outcomes of their new bodies. I received a phone call yesterday stating that he has a family emergency and will not be able to perform my surgery and now i am freaking out and i am pissed at the same time.

The coordinator told me that i can be seen by Dr Careaga with 10 free messages,and that he is a wonderful dr. Im like, i don't know any of his work and his work can not be found any where and if he is so great then where r his rants and raves. the only other dr there that i've seen is dr Pelayo and i only seen one young lady on here... I am sad and confused, i cant cancel because everything is paid for like my flight and hotel. If someone know's of anyone who has gone to any one of those dr's or may have seen pics, please help me and share the experiece as i am truly lost for words. Thanxs in advance.

This is crazy!! Once again i was told dr salama...

this is crazy!! Once again i was told dr salama would be back so i was like yaaay!! Then i received a call from the supervisor saying that he turned his keys in on yesterday but yet i am scheduled for 3/15/12 now this really sucks again. So ive decided to go with Dr pelayo. Is he a good Dr? has anyone ever gone to him. Please help! thank you!!!
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Can I get a full name or the name of the practice in which these doctors work? I'm trying to find them but no luck. :(
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Hi Tia4892! I actually went to have my procedure and dr pellayo told me that he couldn't deliver my results to Orlando which is his asst helped me get a full refund for my I am scheduled to go to dr Salama on April I'm releived and excited...I get to have my procedure done with the only dr who I know will deliver and had a consultation's a little bit more money but I can swing it and I'm happy!
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How did things turn out?
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Thank you sooo much!!! I appreciate your response and help Cherryred...
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I was researching and I know BreLove is going to week. Look at her post, she stated she knows other girls that have went to Pelayo
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Hi there, thanks for sharng your journey with us. I'm sorry you've had to change doctors, I'm sure the other BBL ladies will be able to give you some advice. Good luck with your surgery, please keep us updated on your progress.

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