My Adventure with Smart Lipo - Maryland

I'm a 29 year old male I decided to have my...

I'm a 29 year old male I decided to have my flanks done because no matter how much Working out I did The "love handles would not go away.

The after pic was the day after which looked great. Since then the swelling has set in hiding the results. Ill continually post as the swelling heals.


what doctor did you use? Very impressive results
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I was looking around here and noticed your post/review on your recent experience with smartlipo; Please, could you tell me where you went and who your doctor was? I have been to some consultations both in baltimore and columber areas, but I have not seen pricing like the one you posted as the cost nor even anything remotely close to that at all. I really need these flanks, lovehandles...whatever they like to be called to let go of me. I had sent you my phone number in a private message as well if you'd prefer to call instead.I'd really appreciate the info.

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Hi, How much u lose fat? My body looks to be similar with u and me either cannot get these lovehandles away no matter how hard I excercise or any diet. I wondering how fast is recovery.What doctor say to u,when u can go gym or running or what ever is your sport? Thanks if u have time to answer me. I am thinking this operation very seriously now. That will cost in my country about 2800$. (only lovehandles)
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