49 Year Old Professional Male - Just Starting Invisalign - Maryland

So far Invisalign has been more of a paint than I...

So far Invisalign has been more of a paint than I thought it would be. The feeling of the trays on the teeth are pretty annoying. My ortho has been great, very professional, very informative, very consultative. I am constantly thinking about the trays. That being said, I would much rather have Invisalign than regular braces. I love the fact that I can take them out and eat, clean my teeth and put them back in. The time with them off flies by while the time with them on seems to crawl - ugh. I take great encouragement from many people who have posted their experience and know that it will be worth it when it's all said and done. My kids haven't even noticed that I have them in yet. I am scheduled for attachements in a few weeks so that may change.

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So far it most of what I expected. The advertisements make it seem a little nicer, but the reality is moving your teeth is something that is going to take some time and effort - regardless of what method is used. So far I'm extremely happy with the process.

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Well I got the attachments about two weeks ago - and they really made the trays tighter. It was/is a little harder to get the trays in and out, but only for the first couple of days - after that relatively easy. I'm not due to get attachments on my front upper teeth until later in the treatment, so for the most part the 9 attachments that I have are pretty un-noticeable. All in all, the attachments haven't been that big of a deal.
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Well I've had the second set of trays on now for a few days - and I'm getting more used to them being in my mouth. Time seems to be moving along a little quicker too. I'm due for attachments in a couple of weeks, so we'll see with that. All in all so far, so good.

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Doing good & on to your second set of trays?! That is a great update! I'll be interested to hear what you think of the attachments when you get them.

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Sorry to hear you have been finding it to be a bit of a pain. How long has it been since you received your first set of trays?

Also, did you happen to see this review? “Invisalign Process for 40+ Year Old Professional - Seattle” Thought it might be of interest since you are both professional males in the same age range. Always nice to share your experience with someone similar to yourself. :)

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