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Amazing Results: Facelift, Necklift, Upper Eye Lift, CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing: Dr. Stoker - Marina Del Rey, CA

I am 2 & a half weeks away from having my second...

I am 2 & a half weeks away from having my second surgery in 4 months. I have lost 100lbs and frankly my skin laxity has suffered. This has been an interesting journey, I had never really thought I'd have plastic surgery, but after losing the weight I realized I really wanted to look toned, and due to the weight gain that wasn't going to happen unless I had skin removed surgically. My first surgery was a breast lift and a tummy tuck and I had a completely flawless recovery. I know I have one of the best surgeons in the country, very skilled and highly experienced, so I am anticipating a great result. The one thing I am having a bit of trouble getting my head around is the fact I am "only" 44! For the most part I haven't seen many people my age have this procedure, but I guess that is what happens when you gain/lose a significant amount of weight. I am also hoping though because of my age, and being pretty fit and healthy, I will have a speedy recovery.
Hi! I was wondering how your surgery went and how you're feeling - both physically and emotionally. I am going to be 'in the market' for a facelift within the next year or so. I have about 10 years on you, but I see what weight gain and loss has done to my body. I, too, had a breast lift (and augmentation) and a tummy tuck about three years ago and love, love, love the results. I'm going for a posterior body lift and medial thigh lift in Feb. And I'm really hoping to be able to save enough for a face lift and cheek implants sometime next year. So all of these procedures interest me a great deal. Hope all is well - please update us when you're feeling up to it!
I think we can all understand that! :-)

Congrats on that weight loss! How did you get rid of it? You are younger than most folks going through a facelift, but weight loss stories are different than simple aging and you deserve this! Please keep us posted as you progress through this transformation.


2 weeks post op!

This procedure has been an emotional roller coaster for me. However I now feel 2 weeks out of surgery that I have rounded the corner. I truly was not expecting it to be so emotional for me, I had no pain and only mild discomfort, but the swelling has been intense, to the point I didn't recognize myself, , there was a point where I regretted doing it, I couldn't seem to switch on the logical portion of my brain that would tell me it would get better, but of course it did, and fairly quickly, but I will say for the first 5 days I didn't want to look at myself. Dr Stoker has been incredibly generous with his time, and has kept me coming in to check on the swelling.
Now 2 weeks later I have been getting compliments on how great I look, even with my swelling, so I know over the next few weeks it will look even better.
You know, I wonder if there have been studies about post cosmetic surgery depression - I would assume there must be as it seems to be such a common phenomena. I think it's really helpful reading about other's emotional roller coaster rides so if we can just keep it in mind, it could help when we almost invariably face a bit of the emotional swings following surgery. I'm happy things went so well and that you're please this soon following surgery. And compliments from others helps! :D

Ready to share pictures.

It has been almost 5 months since my surgery, and I can honestly say it has been worth doing it. I have had so many amazing compliments on how great I'm looking. For the most part I kept the surgery on the DL, I literally had 3 friends that knew about it.
Along with my new face I also had my hair chopped off, it's extraordinary how many people think you just have a great new hair cut that's making you look 15 years younger.
I really don't have any visible scars at this point, and even the scars behind my ears and within my hairline have completely flattened out. Dr. Stoker did an incredible job, I am so impressed with his skill, and his post op care of me was above and beyond the call of duty.

Before and after pics

Some of these are not for the faint of heart!
What fabulous results!!
I just caught your profile & I have to say you are the best example I have seen for facelift before and after. Your surgeon did an amazing job, and Yes, you do look decades younger. I am going in for a FL in June of this year, and am a bit scared. I will be on a plane on day 8 post recovery and I worry about the looks I will get:))))) Anyway, bravo Dr. Stoker!
Oh I'm so thrilled to hear you say that, I am going to have to print out all these wonderful comments and show them to Dr. Stoker!

Lovely responses....

Thank you everyone who has responded to my before/after photos. Your responses have been so uplifting and validating, I am excited to show my Dr the wonderful things you have said. This is such a great community, full of positive energy.
Amazing. First to lose 100 pounds...what a feat. Then the results of the facelift...wow. You look at least 20 years younger and absolutely beautiful. It must feel like a dream come true. So happy for you
Somehow I MISSED the 100 lb weight loss:( OMGoodness. That is astounding. I am of the biased opinion that once we make the decision to change, it happens. Crazy, right:) Embrace the day.
Yes I agree, I have been through a complete and total transformation over the last couple of years, if you are interested I have "before" pics on my tummy tuck review. I don't even recognize myself!

Eyelashes Too!

So after my facelift my Dr also suggested I try Latisse, I was a little skeptical at first, I had heard about eye problems regarding Latisse, but I did some research and decided to give it a go. It dies take some time to work, but at 8 weeks I am now seeing a difference. My Dr said it can take 3-4 months for the full effect to be seen, so I'm hopeful my lashes will become even longer and fuller. However I am still happy with where they are now.

Pressed update before photos loaded

Photos of my eyelashes wearing mascara...
Thank you for all the updates. You look like 20 years plus ....so hot! I he you have new clothes to match the look. Do not forget about wearing fun bold jewelry too. Enjoy the new you!
Thank you!
You are very welcome!

Celebrity Crush

For those of you who haven't worked out what my username means, here is a big clue....
I've met Carrot Top 4-5 times in the last couple years, and this time he took 1 look at me and said "wow you look amazing" I kinda melted, lol.... Such a nice guy!!
Amazing 20 years at least younger...Dramatic results....You must be thrilled...
I can barely articulate how fabulous I feel! I clearly have a talented surgeon!!
I agree - at least 20 years younger.

Somehow deleted photo...

You look fantastic! Congratulations!
Thank you, it feels amazing.
OMG. You look stunning ! Thank you for sharing your experience. Looking at surgery myself, and after seeing your fabulous results, really giving it serious thought now. Good luck & take care
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

This is my 2nd procedure with Dr Stoker, and he is such an amazing surgeon, he is highly skilled, and his care of me has been exemplary. His kind and caring demeanor is just what you need to get you through a procedure like this. His time and attention is generous. Dr. Stoker is clearly at the top of his field and is one of those rare Plastic surgeons that excels at every procedure he performs, which is reassuring if like me are looking to have multiple surgeries. As with my first surgery, my results are outstanding, my entire experience with Dr. Stoker has been so wonderfully positive, I love his attention to detail, and he is a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of his work. I'd never go to another surgeon!

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