CoolSculpting on Inner/Outer Thighs, Inner Knees and Back of Arms - Marina del Rey, CA

I wanted to post about my experience because in...

I wanted to post about my experience because in doing my research, I found a lot of reviews and photos for people who had done CoolSculpting on the abs, but very few for legs/thighs and arms.

A little background on me: I am 44, 5'2 and 123 lbs. I exercise regularly (run 10ks, strength train, etc.) and eat a vegan diet. I am pretty fit, but thanks to genetics, I've always been unhappy with my lower half. I didn't want surgery so decided to try CS. My experience with the first round of treatments was pretty positive - it really wasn't painful at all, just a bit uncomfortable in some of the positions because the suction apparatus is pretty large and awkward. In treating the backs of my thighs, I of course also had to lie on my tummy for the hour which wasn't too bad, just a bit boring. I had next to no bruising or soreness and zero downtime.

As for results, I am not so sure. It's been 2 months and I just received some of the before and after photos. I really don't see much difference at all yet, and I'm a bit disappointed. I am really hoping that this changes in the next couple months, as I don't really want to do the treatments again if there isn't going to be a result. However, at the 2 month appt I did decide to do the back of my arms as well, since I have some sessions left on my package.

I'll update again in another 2 months, but here are the photos so far. I wish I were seeing something..anything.

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Updating: It's been two days since I did the back...

Updating: It's been two days since I did the back of my arms and wow, the recovery time is much worse. The backs of my arms still feel very numb and bruised, although only one arm seems to have a visible sign. Hopefully this abates quickly!


I wish more people would measure carefully before and after. They say it removes 20% of the fat frozen, so that might not make a highly visible difference but might be measurable. I'm considering doing the same areas as you, so I appreciate you posting the pictures. I think you do look a little smoother in the after pictures
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Were you ever satisfied with your results on thighs? I'm going to have cool sculpting of the thighs and knees but the dermatologist is waiting for the new tools specifically for that area. They should be in this week!
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Hi¡ How are yo feeling now¿ I am thinking about doing my arms.... But i am worried about the ñain because i have two babies to carry around
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