2 months post op, SORENESS!!?

So....I can't believe I'm really doing this......

So....I can't believe I'm really doing this... That I went to a consultation (11/13) with a doctor highly recommended by Aunt and others. I got approved for my Care Credit. My work schedule isn't out yet so I was able to make the quick change for the procedure and recovery. My finals are ending that week. It seems like everything fell into place real quick and that this is meant to be. I scheduled my BA on 12/12.

I'm a single 31 year old mother of a 2 year old boy! EEEEEEEKKKKK...worried bout recovery and that I won't be able to care or play with my son. Good thing, I have supportive parents and brother. Of course, my bro and pops aren't gonna be on the caregiving side so I'm counting on my mom and some friends to help me out.

I'm also a hospice nurse...I'm not a nurse that just does nursing notes and barely sees her patients. My job entails a lot of physical work along with mental and emotional stress. I have thee most awesome team so I'm not too worried bout work itself.

I was always flat chested I guess. I had tiny ones throughout high school but I was really active with sports and assumed they would grow more?! HA, I was wrong...they stopped at a small B cup. I got pregnant and whoa, I had boobs! but i knew they were temporary. I breastfed my son for almost 2 years and it got deflated!

I am a hard-working mother. I work for my son. I go to school for my son. I am...me because of him. I am giving myself a little gift for Christmas this year.

My coworker who also had the procedure done last year recommended me to go on this site. I'm glad I did so I can really understand and somewhat experience what goes on before, during, after BA.

I am so SCARED and NERVOUS though. I have like a month to mentally prepare myself but I have high levels of anxiety with other things and now this....my brain is non-stop thinking. Can I ask how you guys dealt?

Wish Pics

I will post my little tatas soon. Feeling a little shy =\

My Stats

I forgot to post my stats...what a newb

135 lbs
currently wearing a 36B but barely fill those out, so A cup i guess.

Thanks for all the support and kind words ladies!!!

Hello...where are you?

So here I am....all of me.

Still tad bit shy to post other pics but I just took these after class. I'm beat so they're not so artsy and clear I guess....

Flat as the massage table =\

So yesterday my mom was so sweet enough to treat me for a facial and a massage just to get my mind of work, school, the boobs, holiday shopping, etc. It felt nice and relaxing.

When I was laying on the massage table, I forget how embarrassed I get on there cause I'm under that sheet and there's nothing there....

Next massage though!!!

Pre-op done....10 days and counting!

Hello my lovelies,

Just had my pre-op today. Still scared as sh*t. My PS said that with my chest wall and since I have more breast tissue than others (because I breastfed my son,) that in order for me to achieve my "wish photos" he would have to put in 500cc. I was shocked! I keep thinking numbers but my PS and his staff keep reminding me that I must take everything into account with chest wall, breast tissue, body build, etc.

I got too excited last week and bought a sports zip up bra from walmart. 36C and now, I'm thinking that won't fit. A little overzealous I guess. =/

What put my nerves at ease (just a little) was one of the woman at his office, had hers done 20 years ago and she told me how it impacted her life tremendously. And that she has 3 daughters, 2 of them got their BAs already but she made them finish college first and the last daughter will probably get hers but she has 1&1/2 years left of school.

I can't believe I'm still doing it. My hands are sweating just typing all of this.

To drink or not to drink...

Hello my fellow boobies,

I have a question for you ladies...I am going to the 49ers game this Sunday 12/08 and my BA is 12/12. I would like to have a couple drinks if I could.

The paper work they give you says, don't drink or smoke 2 weeks prior. The girls at the office said it's ok, enjoy, have fun!!!

What are your thoughts? Thank you!!

1 more sleep!!! ahhhhhhhhh


It's tomorrow already. I can't believe it's my turn...
I go in around noon so no need to rush. It's about a 45 minute drive. My mom will be driving me.

I think I'm set with mostly everything. I do need to buy a recovery bra (for future use, zip up closure) PS will put me in one but I'm not too sure what size to buy because of all the swelling and such.

My pain meds they prescribed was backordered at several pharmacies over here and PS had to call in another kind. It's a little milder and I'm worried about it not being strong enough.

If anyone could give me advice on what bra to buy for the next weeks recovery. Do I buy a band and cup size bigger? PS wants to put 500cc in and it would put me at a full C or small D. Thanks so much lovely gals...

Helllooooooo boobs!!

I made it over to the "dark side" ladies!! The worrying part is over. I actually don't feel so bad but I know PS gave me more local anesthetic that'll last me 3 days. Eeek!

They finished their other case earlier so I went in earlier then expected. Went in round 12, hooked to iv and such by 1230....in recovery by 145! Amazingly quick. I just felt extremely cold. Shivers and teeth rattling for a good 30 minutes. And a lot of pressure actually on my back.

Ate my crackers, granola and mama got me jambs juice. Now in bed, waiting for the broSki to get me nachos!!! Yummy! I haven't eaten a real meal since 6pm last night.

And I'm watching The Carrie Diaries on Netflix.

Love you ladies!!! I can't wait to show you the girls.

Ended up with 500cc on the right and 550cc on the left. Woot!!!

Well that sucked...

So after an hr after I took my 2 Norcos and ate the nachos (meds to be taken with food). I felt very nauseous. My bro said I looked like a zombie cuz my hair was all over my face and I was pale.

I ended up throwing up. Don't know if it's because of the pain meds or eating all the nachos. =\

Took a Zofran (anti-nausea meds) , felt slightly better. I took 1 Norco now to see if that was it.

You gals are totally amazing....I cannot have done it without all your support and kind words!

Yesterday before BA

I said goodbye to my little itty bitty titties. And thank them for a wonderful journey as well as having me be able to nurse my son for 2 years.
I informed them they are getting a little make over ;)


Post-op day 1

Bye bye padded bras, underwire, chicken cutlets!

Getting excited to buy new bras, tops, dresses, bikinis, etc....

Post op day 3

A little late on the posting but I couldn't do surgical bra for a couple hours, it felt like it was cutting into my incision. I wore a plans cotton sports bra and still put sterile gauze between the site.

Cut my norco in half post op day 1 and then been on Motrin since.

It's been a chill recovery. Didn't need a lot of help. Showered by myself, did some light cooking, watched a lot of Netflix!!

Happy recovery everyone!

It's Friday....I wanna go out =/

Hey my lovelies...

Today has been my 1 week and 1 day. So far everything was pretty chill. I don't wanna say it was easy but I think I wanted this so bad and I really prepared myself for the worse so overall, recovery was great!

Only take Motrin for pain when I need it. I have full range of my arms. I had the bubbling/gurgling on my right boob but it seems to have gone away already. Probably had it for 2 days. I had a sharp pain under my armpit and down the side of my boob when I accidentally turned on my left side when I was laying down. It was probably a pinched nerve, but it was a shooting sensation, no bueno!

Had to go Christmas shopping the past 2 days. It was ok. Just got winded so easily since I haven't been active this past week. Sucked. Couldn't accomplish everything that I normally could have. (maybe that's a good thing, would have done some major damage!)

Went to post-op and PS put me in a strap to help the girls out to fill out the bottom tissue. But he said they look great! I'm pretty happy so far with it. I was so scared of having Frankenboob...

Happy Healing! and hope everyone has an awesome Friday!

2 weeks post-op

3 weeks

How do I get a replacement ID card?

So I finally went out to a bday shindig this past Saturday...just to have my wallet stolen from my purse!!!

Totally succcckkkkks!!!

Does anyone know how I would go about getting a replacement natrelle ID card thingy the PS gives you with the serial number and cc's??

Thanks everyone

4 weeks tomorrow

So I'll be 4 weeks post op tomorrow. Feel good. Just a little sore and tightness around my left armpit. I'm assuming because it's the bigger implant of the two and I haven't been using my pectoral muscles sooooo...

Otherwise, I'm doing great. I lift things around the house like laundry and grocery bags, they are probably a little heavier than 5lbs. I haven't carried my son though. I wish I can. I have another post op at the end of the month.

I wanna work out too! New year and everything! I'm either gonna get into crossfit or bikram yoga.

Forgot bout these...

I forgot I got some bralettes before I had my BA. I got these from target online. I got black, nude, and gray. Super cute and comfy!!!!

To buy bras or not to buy bras...

So I just go my steri-strips removed last week. I was afraid to look at the scar cuz I have a keloid from my c-section. The scar wasn't bad at all!!! He snipped some excess stitches and cleaned the area and gave me the ok to work out, lift my son, do normal me stuff. I was 6 weeks post op last week.

But the following day, I had "spitting out" stitches. I called my PS office, they said I could pull the excess and if it wouldn't come out, to snip it as close to the skin as I can. I think I pulled the right one too much cuz it tugged a little and now is a scab. Yikes. The ladies at the office also gave me the ok to the silicone scar sheets as long as there was no broken skin. I'll wait till the little pinpoint scab is gone.

I just grabbed scar away. I tried it so far on scar on my chest and it seems to be fading and being less raised. I also put it on my csec scar but that's 2 years old and really raised and dis colored, no results for those.

Any recommendations on scar silicone sheets girls??

So I haven't bought a lot of bras yet, just a few tshirt ones like a tj maxx and target. I haven't gotten measured yet but fit 34d or 36c but the c I'm kinda spilling out the side and top. My friend that also got hers done last year suggested for me not to buy too many bras cuz I'm gonna not like wearing them!!!

What have you guys been doing?

Hope everyone's doing great!

Dull aching pain/soreness...

Hey y'all!
Haven't posted anything in awhile. Been busy with work and school and everything with my BA has been great till this past week.

I've started doing light upper body workout (shoulder/back, triceps) I guess I was still using some pectoral muscle because now I have this weird dull achy annoying pain. I can't distinguish if it's a pulled muscle or I just over did it.

I'm so worried! I really hope nothing is wrong. I see my ps next Monday and already called to see what it was. Oh, it's only on my left breast, the one with more cc's. My breast look and feel the same. This sucks...

Has anyone had this? If yes, what have you guys done?

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Can i ask who your doctor was? Xo looks great!
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I had the same thing last week. I pushed my little one in the jogging stroller for a really long run and my left side was sore for a couple of days. I was worried until I realized it was just my muscle and not the implant. I think it's easy to over do it when we feel back to normal.
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Can I ask how'd yours feel? How long it lasted? I'm so paranoid! It aches throughout the day =\
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Nice bralette! I need to get some but do they give some support?
  • Reply
They do! Super comfy! I like the support it gives.
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I also like your bralettes can you point me to them. You look fabulous in your last several pictures. Thanks, Karieann
  • Reply
Thank you karieann! So far so good. The bralettes I got were from target- xhilaration brand. They were $14.99 before Xmas and I'm pretty sure they're on sale by now? Go check your local target or online. I like them a lot. Slept in one last night. Comfy but sexy as well =)
  • Reply
What size bralettes did u get? I got a large from target and it cut myboob in half
  • Reply
I got a large too. I think you got more cc's than I did. What do you mean they cut your boob in half? They don't cover that much of your boobs. Exchange them...you know target has an awesome return policy. You look great!
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Maybe when I drop they would fit better....
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Your boobies are big and beautiful! Wow!!! Congrats (-: Tight arm area/side boob area etc is the norm. I am one week behind you in healing, but am lifting some heavy stuff...hope that's ok... Happy healing, hugs!
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I'm afraid that the "light lifting" is what's making me have that tightness in my left armpit/side boob. I'm totally afraid of capsular contractures now. Thanks for giving me reassurance that it's all normal. Boobie hugs to you too!
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My Doc told me today to just relax...things will heal fine and to just 'get back to normal' as I can. Hope you're doing great!
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Looking great!!!! Girl from the photos it seems they look HUGE! You picked a good size. I think we always perceive it differently than others and so we always think they look smaller than they really appear. I am learning to embrace the size I got and deal with it. Friends ask me if I would go through it again and I tell them "Heck, no! I am not going through surgery again unless I have to". I didn't have such a pleasant experience as you did, though.
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Haha I think that pic I took up close made it look gynormous. I don't think they are that big. Yes embrace the size. I don't know if I wanna go thru this whole recovery thing again either. Hope your doing much better mamas!!!
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Call your PS office tomorrow!! Do u have the book about implants they gave you? It may have the manufacturing phone # in it...also are u happy with size and pls post new pics!!
  • Reply
Got my info from PS office, thanks girl! I am happy with the size but I'm having a little boob greed and am thinking I could've gone bigger. =p I posted a picture but I've been lazy to take some. My apologies
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I feel the same..mine are 595 & I don't feel like they are as big as I thought they would be
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Wow they look like they are dropping and fluffing some. Really getting rounded out. Are you doing your massages and how are you feeling now. Looking really great!!
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Thank you mamas! They are super full on the side. Major side boob! I haven't gotten any instructions on massages yet. Another post op at the end of the month. Feeling awesome. Just outta shape =\ gonna start lightweight cardio soon
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Looking good...I haven't bought a bra yet either
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Haha...I don't wanna spend on bras just yet. But I know VS is having their semi-annual sale?!!
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yes spent 200 yesterday!!!
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Hi Jeri B! Glad you are doing well on your recovery! Mine has not been as great as yours :( I got constipated then got diarrhea after taking Miralax and prune juice. I also have nausea and dizziness especially when looking at computer screens or phone screens. I am so ready to start feeling like myself. I have been homebound for a week, only getting out for my post-op appts. I am going crazy!!!! On a brighter note, my PS says that I am healing well. I got big bruises on my right which they had told me I wouldn't have bruising. My muscular pain seems to be minimal unless I strain myself. I am becoming more and more independent each day, or at least try to be. My mom still helps me with bathing. I don't want to push it. They are starting to drop just a tad. I think it'll look good but am still not sure if it's worth it. I knew it was not going to be easy, but wow! It has been quite an experience!
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How are you doin now mamas? Hope your holidays were good. And you were able to show off the twins a little bit?
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