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Loved the Obagi Blue Peel for my Pores and Hyperpigmentation

I am a plastic surgery nurse and I attend the...

I am a plastic surgery nurse and I attend the National Conferences. I here about products and such forth. I went to the Plastic Surgeon that I work with.I used the Obagi NuDerm system for about a year and wanted to get a face peel or laser. I had bigger pores on my nose and hyperpigmentation to cheeks and forehead.

I have had 2 Blue Peels. Yes it really burnt the first time, I had no numbing of any sort, just sat in the chair and had it done. The second time I had it done, I took some pain medicine ahead of time and tolerated it so much better. Of course, both times I had a fan in my face.

It seems really bad for about 10 minutes, but it is well worth the results. I have smaller pores, and tighter skin. Its like a chemical face lift. I love it and I am getting another one soon.

is the price for the general public? or is it lower because you work there?
Hi, how many layers of the blue peel did you have applied?
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