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Consultation Next Week... Almost There! - Marietta, GA

I'm a 28 year old mother of 2 and for about 8 yrs...

I'm a 28 year old mother of 2 and for about 8 yrs i've battled w/ access belly fat from gaining 70lbs each pregnancy. Before my first pregnancy i weighed 118lbs soak and wet so the extra 70lbs was a little drastic ripping my slinder frame apart.. Luckly the weight only stayed in my mid section, but unfourtanely it tends to be an area where its most uncomfortable.. I've managed to get it a little smaller, but in order to remove the rest i will have to go through surgery.. I'm extremely afraid and have second and 3rd thoughts, but i feel this will change the way i feel drastically. Does anyone have any advice or info that will benefit my nerves.. My consultation is this coming Thursday and im excited yet afraid at the same time.. Any opinions??


Take a deep breath and keep moving forward.  You can do this and will love the new body!   You have an endless supply of support here in the community.

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Thank you so much! I have so many concerns. I've heard that once you've gone thru the surgery the fat has to go some where. The sides or back and that scares me along w/ some other concerns
Make a list of a questions to ask your ps.. Procedure, post op care, what you ca expect.. Mine answered these without me asking .. It is so worth it
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Okay ladies 4 days away until my consultation and...

Okay ladies 4 days away until my consultation and my thoughts are so consumed w/ this surgery and rather or not im making the right decision. I want to feel normal again w/o feeling that insecurity constantly w/ every outfit chosen, but I've heard that once the fat can no longer go to you stomach area it will go towards other areas of the body... This is frightening. Is this true ladies?


I have not experienced any of the fat coming back elsewhere.  If you keep on a healthy diet and continue to get regular exercise you should be fine.  


Thank you sooo much for your feedback. How long ago was your surgery.

Mine was three years ago.  

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