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Don't go to Dr. Musarra for your plastic surgeon....

Don't go to Dr. Musarra for your plastic surgeon. He tries to push you to do major procedures in his own operating room. Dr. didn't even wait to see my in recovery. I followed up with 4 emergency appts. after my surgery. Developed an infection from surgery, even though he said they weren't infected infected even though one was discharging blood, and the other was black, discharging mucus and smelled. I ended up me in ICU after he kept telling me it wasn't an infection. I was in the hospital for 8 days. I will not need reconstruction to fix the botched procedure he performed on me. Unless you want the same experience, DO NOT USE THIS DOCTOR. I have had to pay plenty more out of pocket for the ambulance ride to ICU and to cover what insurance didn't cover for my $76,000 + hospital bill for my infection.
Wow, truly jarring and horrifying experience. So sorry! I hope you're able to settle on some type of compensation from the practice for your, obviously, unanticipated emergency hospital fees.

Thank you for sharing your story with the community.  I am sorry to hear you had issues.

Sorry for your ordeal but thank you for being brave enough to share.
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