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I am currently a 38 I/J cup I have been approved...

I am currently a 38 I/J cup I have been approved by my insurance to have 1000 grams removed from each breast. I have been heavy chested my entire life! It's painful and I noticed that I started gaining weight because working out has become painful. I am hoping getting a breast reduction will stop the pain in my back, neck, and shoulders. Above all help me stay at a healthy weight. I do want to be ad least a D cup but ill just be happy to be able to bend over and buckle my shoes :)

updated photo

Here is an updated photo of me today

nipple grafting

I have to have a nipple graft done due to the size I am. I've looked at some procedures online and there's a huge image bank of not so great results. Staying positive though.

ace bandage from the hospital

I'm really bugging out. I have no idea what size I will be after the surgery so far. Tried to call today to get answers but no one can really say. So far the only thing I know is there will be 1000 grams removed. One of the nurses suggested I buy some bras in different sizes within range of medium and extra large and whatever doesn't fit to take it back. So I went to Walmart and bought some front zip bras within my band range. Still not a solid feeling on that. Kinda on the frustrated right now. I'm so anxious.

pre op day!

Today me and my dear friend went to my pre op consultation. I feel amazing. Can't wait for a great weight to be lifted off my shoulders ;) I also picked up pain meds some sports bras, arnica gel, gatorade, gauze baby wipes hi protein foods, heating and cooling pad, water filters, paid bills, called insurance company and a whole lot more.... ready for some weight loss. I bought a 2 piece swimsuit years ago in hopes one day I could wear it. Ill upload pics of that later. Feeling alright today.

One day post op...12 lbs removed!

Im sorry I haven't been updating a lot. But I was crazy nervous and almost did not go through with it. I'm feel really weird they drugged me a lot. My breat and under arms are very tender im bandaged very tight. My boobs look great and.....drum roll please.....I kept my nipples...after a 6 hour long surgery I still have my nipples. I get up and walk around ad least 4 times a day for 2 to 3 minutes my mom sleeps in the living room with me and my friend has been here 2 days. I was urged not to take the wrap or the foam like bandages under them off until the third when I go for one week check up. There is more but im so tired and this took forever to text with my arms down. I will continue to update. ..This community is awesome thanks for the support.

pointy boobs

Well mom unwrapped me. My boobs are to pointy painful cones. She said its good to let the breathe. I cant fit the sports bras I bought. They're too small. I'm in a lot of pain. Really hanging in there. So far no fever or using just pain.....and pointy boobs

2 days post op pic

I'm able to walk around more. Doesn't hurt as much as earlier. Drinking lots of fluids. Not eating junk. I'm still sleeping sitting up

so washing my hands and I see this mark under my breast

Lord i hope whatever this is isn't serious...its too late to call a doctor so I will tomorrow. But I've kept clean and eat right and hydrated. ..so a little worried.

update on boobs going to bed labor day was awesome.

2 weeks post op

Ok! I have been sleep! My breast have started to fall but my left side is still very swollen and hard to touch. I'm still having issues doing normal type of stuff due to that. There was still a bit of bleeding and sleeping becomes a challenge unless I take medication.....I'm exhausted.

2 wks pst op pic

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How much are you planning on losing bc my surgery is scheduled for Oct 10 n I am debating bc I really want to lose weight before. BTW, mine is with the same practice :)
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BEST OF LUCK! who is going to perform your surgery? Mine is scheduled for next week the 25th of Sept with Dr. Hanna. I am also losing weight and have noticed my boobs shrinking...not sure what will happen but I am mentally ready!
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I've already lost 10 lbs since the surgery. I planned for 20 this month...a little behind. My mom bakes. :)
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Cool! I thought you were going in on the 19th..... Either way best of luck to you lady!
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It's with dr. West. Are you planning on staying overnight? Dr west gave me the option and I am thinking I might. How much is he doing to take? He told me between 350 and 500 cc's. I want to be a lg C or small D.
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I think staying overnight is a great idea, I stayed overnight when I had my BR and Panni done last month.
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U look great! What A difference! I'm sure u feel lighter! Congrats (:
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Looking good!
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Rest rest rest and don't rush ur healing! And congrats on ur extra weight loss! U will love the new u!! (:
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Thank you cree11. I appreciate that. I just need sleep. I had so much anxiety over this and just getting over the anxiety of going through with it.
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Yea that's understandable. Hopefully now u can enjoy the process and changes u see in in urself and the nerve racking part is over. Keep resting (:
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Lost 10 more pounds must be all the lemon water.
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any updated pics? looking forward to seeing them!
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Updated a pic for you. Not as bad as it looks. Scars are flat. Scarring around the nipple has gotten better. Just with tape and neosporin. Ill star arnica gel to fade some dark spots soon. But all sutures were invisible so not much scarring under the breast. The left side still tender and painful which makes it hard to sleep. I massage them in the shower under warm water which feels good. But I'm still in early stages so the pain is something when I wake up and while trying to sleep.
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My doc did let me know that bleeding or leaking or serum (straw colored fluid) along the incisions for the first week isn't uncommon. I hope that helps ease your mind. Don't remove the tape. Let the doctors office do that.
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Thank you. I did speak to my doc he said it was ok to remove tape because I have some sort of inner sutures meaning the stitches are under skin that was layered over them. I removed tape did washing and disinfecting the placed gaze an wrapped myself up. I posted pic of them. I use arnica gel and neosporin doc said it was fine. I will see him Wednesday.
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Sounds like you are doing great! I have internal sutures too, but when they (the nurse) removed my tape the first time, they took off a chunk of skin! Just didn't want something like that to happen while you were already a little unnerved :) You look great!
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I am super excited about my upcoming surgery with your Dr! He seems awesome and very gentle!
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He is. They will answer your questions as they come the best they can and they really make an effort to make you comfortable.
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Hey! We can't really tell because the surgical tape is over the incision, but I'm sure everything is fine. You're only 4 days post op so expect bleeding. If you look at my pics (the morning after), I had blood between my breasts. Just keep the area clean and you should be fine.
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Thank you...I wasn't sure if i should take the tape off. Do you think that will be okay? I was out of it when I got home and no one with me remember. ..it was a really long night. I'm looking for aftercare papers now.
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It may be ok. I was told to keep mine on until I went to my 2 week check up appointment (which they removed them). If your PS told you to take it off, do what they tell you.
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WOW! You look great. I thought he told you he was planning on taking 1000 grams (which is exactly 2.2 pounds) from each breast. How did he go from that estimate to taking 12 pounds?
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I thought the same thing. My mom told me because the surgery ran so late most of the staff went home. I didn't really believe that but I got on the scale and I am 12 lbs lighter. I thought the grams were the minimum. We did discuss it before surgery while he was doing the markings. I figured I'd ask when I saw him on Wednesday.
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Looks great! That is an amazing amount that he removed, congratulations!
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