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I just finished my 5 month accutane course today....

I just finished my 5 month accutane course today. I never had terrible acne I just had the pimples that would leave a red mark no matter their size and I had some trouble spots (chin and a little on my jawline.) I never had any psychological problems. It actually made me happier and everything because I became more confident when my acne went away. I had very little side effects such as dry skin and chapped lips. Although I loved this medicine make sure you are well versed in the possible serious side effects before you start it. My hair texture changed and thinned a little but I didn't lose anything at the hairline and after starting to take the vitamin Biotin it helped it.

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It's great to hear that you are feeling more confident with clear skin!! You mentioned your hair texture changed. Do you mind me asking what change you noticed? I know you mentioned that overall it thinned, but did the individual strands seem thicker or coarser?

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Just overall it thinned. Mainly in certain spots it was worse like around the center of my head. I used a shampoo called Biotin that I felt helped
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I see, thanks for explaining a bit more. :)

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