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I went to Kerri (owner) for Permanent Makeup and...

I went to Kerri (owner) for Permanent Makeup and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. My eyebrows are very asymmetrical and MUCH darker than I wanted. When I told her my eyebrows looked asymmetrical she got very defensive and said, "your eyebrows were like that before, all I did was tattoo over them". My whole reason for getting permanent makeup was to CORRECT the asymmetry of my eyebrows, not exaggerate it. I informed her that I use a retinol cream on my face for acne because I know if makes my skin more sensitive. I asked if we should do a test spot and she said it wasn't necessary. Well, now I have PERMANENT SCARRING on my face. I am devastated. She accepted absolutely no responsibility for what happened to me.

Hair loss from permanent eyebrow makeup

4 months later, all of my natural eyebrow hair has fallen out. I went to see another permanent makeup artist for a corrective makeup consultation and she said that the only way this could happen is if the technician penetrated the skin too deeply causing permanent damage to the hair follicles. I decided to do this as an alternative to penciling in my eyebrows everyday and now I have permanent hair loss and scarring.

Hairl loss photos

Kerri Hamilton

When I told her I was unhappy with my service she was very defensive and dismissive. She ignored my phone calls and emails. In the one message she did reply to she called me a witch and threatened me with legal action for defamation (even though I was only complaining about her to her). Business name is Advanced Cosmetics and FX.

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Wow... I'm so sorry. I hope the word gets out so she doesn't do that to another person. And to call you names is so unprofessional. .. She should be more concerned on doing right by you and correcting her error. I hope it gets better soon for you. ..If it hasn't already. I just did my top permanent eyeliner yesterday. A tiny bit swollen but so far so good.
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I am an aesthetician and a permanent make up artist working in Calgary.After reading your comments I thought I can help because I work on a lot of screw ups that other so called tattoo artists have done. if your eyebrows are darker than what you want them to be ask your tattoo artist to shade them with taupe which is the warmest and lightest brown and your artist should not charge you for it because the following touch up in 6 weeks after your first procedure is your right and it should be included( permanent make up never is perfect because of the swelling so demand it because again: IT IS YOUR RIGHT. touch up is what makes your tattoo perfect. if you are unhappy with the shape and it needs correction or you want it completely gone you should ask your tattoo artist to perform camouflage on unwanted spots. we use three colors which are yellow,white and beige(skin color) .the come in the mentioned order and no you can not mix them and need to do each one separately in one need to do it two or three times to remove the tattoo and they should not charge you more than 150$ an hour.give yourself 4weeks in between for healing process and never pick the scabs because you are gonna end up with scar tissues and lack of color deposit. I hope it helped.should you have any questions you can contact me at I would be more than happy to help because every woman deserves to feel beautiful. cheers
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If the aesthetician who made you bad job with your eyebrows..and you try to contact with manyy times and you have no response..then how you can trust her ?Although I have ask about the skin color(a profeccional tattoo artist) and says me that she isnt recomment it yet(to me) because it's too black and it works like a consiler...and its not worth it..In my case I will leave it for 1 year and I will see how much will have fade and then I 'll decide..see my post:)
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Thanks for the comment. After what I have been through with her I would not trust her to touch my face. She actually called me a "witch" because I asked for a refund (which she refused to give) and she threatened to sue me for defamation after I wrote a negative review online. I am currently have the tattoo removed by laser. I looked into the camouflage but what concerned me is that if it doesn't work, then I am screwed because I can no longer get laser removal because the flesh tone ink will oxidize and turn black. If you live in Winnipeg, DO NOT GO TO ADVANCED COSMETICS AND FX!
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hello ladies:)
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Hi!!See my post... The exactly same story.... I called her much times...she ignored me..I went from her she said that 'she did perfect her job' :@ Now...I am waiting to fade as much it can..and then I 'll see ..but it needs much patient..and sometimes I cry and I feel awful...the biggest mistake of my eyebrows were fantastic and I did a wrong decision...Dont worry ..will fade will find a way out to fix it.I know that we put ourselves in a difficult situation...but it is what it is...:/ On August I will go with my grandma to her again to ask our money back questions and complaints .Sorry for my english I am from Greece. Be strong !!:)
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Hey, I read your post. Demand your money back - at least you can use this towards the cost of removal. If she refuses, tell her you will write negative reviews and bad mouth her. Consider making a complaint to the better business bureau. I would not recommend tattoo vanish. I was considering it and had a test spot done and it left scars. I decided to have the tattoo removed by laser instead. I have had 2 treatments so far and I can already see it fading. I have to shave my eyebrows but so far the hair has grown back. Just make sure you seek out a technician who is very experience with tattoo removal of permanent makeup as it reacts differently to the laser than regular tattoo ink. There is a risk of the ink oxidizing and turning darker from the laser so make sure you do a test spot first.
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Thank you for sharing your review with the community.
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