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Met dr Murray for a consultation. He was very...

Met dr Murray for a consultation. He was very thorough and friendly. I felt very comfortable. I believe I will be going with dr Murray for my breast implants. I am very excited. I am currently an AA cup and n goin to a c. I cannot wait. The staff at his office was amazing and friendly. I felt very welcome and unjudged.

Hi Tracylouella, Have you had your surgery with Dr. Murray yet? I also felt very comfortable with him and the nurses in the office. I go on the 28th for surgery, although I am getting a reduction. I'm going from a G hopefully to a large C. I have posted some before pics, although I am doing the opposite of what you are looking for. Hope to hear some good reviews from you after surgery about Dr. Murray
Good luck and keep us all posted!!! :) When is your surgery date?
I haven't booked it yet. I just confirmed with them and ill be getting it sometime in may. Ill let you all know when I book my appt.
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