Expensive and Transitory - Manhatten, NY

I paid 600 for a zoom whitening from a top dentist...

I paid 600 for a zoom whitening from a top dentist in NYC. I got excellent results immediately but, unless you are willing to give up coffee tea and red wine. NOT!
Then your teeth will require treatment again in approx 3 mos.

I recommend spending the same money for custom bleaching trays that you will use whenever you want for years and years; only buying the replacement peroxide gel. Otherwise, Zoom to the bank!


Huh, I'm a bit puzzled by this because many offices give patients a "home care kit" which consists of trays and bleach so they can do touchups as needed without having to do the full treatment again. Was this option not presented to you?

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Choose not to list Dr though he is excellent and top in his field.

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