ProFractional Laser - No Help for Acne Scars - Manhattan, NY

I had sciton microlaser and profractional laser 6...

I had sciton microlaser and profractional laser 6 months ago (February 2011) to treat acne scarring and lines around my mouth and eyes.

Although my dermatologist said that the benefits occur over time I have not seen any improvement. Quite the opposite. I have faint track marks all over my face so that it looks really blotchy without make-up and my skin looks older. I can't see any improvement with the scarring and my face is now easily irritated with tiny cysts and itchy red marks appearing frequently. My dermatologist says this can happen (did not mention that before I had the treatment).

I recommend that anyone considering sciton laser read the negative reviews and consider the risks. I would not do this treatment again.

I am sorry this happened to you. If you have not, please file a report with the FDA, via their adverse event report filing system. This might help protect others in the future. It is important to have an official record of these injuries so that they are documented. There is no time limit for filing the report. It is never too late to file.

Your name and the name of the doctor will not be on public display but only viewable by the FDA. If you reported this outcome to your doctor it was their obligation to notify the mfg, who was then supposed to file a report with the FDA but that does not always happen. Each patient still needs to file their own report with the FDA so you will have a voice and you can be sure the damage was reported and documented.

You can file the report online at this link below, just click the "Begin" button to the right. You will need the manufacturer and model (or at least that would be helpful) of device that harmed you.

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Wow, I would say almost 5 months is definitely a plenty of time, you might want to go back and talk to your doctor and see how much time it's supposed to take. Also the track marks sound like Hyperpigmentation, another thing you might want to ask about. Please keep us updated. 

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