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Hello I'm a 35 yo mommy of 4, with that said iv...

Hello I'm a 35 yo mommy of 4, with that said iv gained and lost give or take 60-70 lbs with each pregnancy . All this left me with an awful pouch and saggy breast my I'm 5"6 and 150lbs hopefully it'll be 10 lbs less by day of surgery . I'm extremely nervous iv had wanted to do this forevs kept just talking about it had consults with 4 diff Drs finally I picked one based on credentials and reviews but I didn't expect to actually go through with it for while , in Mother's Day my bluer supportive husband surprised me and booked my surgery.Reality hasn't really sunken in but it is so soon and I'm already so nervous mainly about recovery , would love to hear what meds most people used and they coped with pain. My current biggest dilemma is breast size ! As per my ps I'm a full C or small D so i ended up picking 375 cc he said that would make me a full d but felt it might be too much from what iv read people
regretted going too small and it's only size up from what I curently am , would love to hear suggestions from anyone regarding sizing and how to pick the right size etc...tnx I'm advance
Hi there!! My stats were super close to yours. Day of surgery 5'6" about 160. I wore Victoria secrets 34 d but very padded so probably the same. I got 533 cc mid range and honestly not sure my measurement right now but i would guess DD Feel free to look at before and after. :) good luck. I'm about 25 days post op.
Tnx ye I was wearing the vs padded bras as well with that was exactly like you !for some reason I can't see your pix , midrange means medium profile?
Yes it's the natrelle style 15. U can't see my pics? Hmmmm if your a member you should have complete access.
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