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I meet with Dr. Wallach so far he was very honest...

I meet with Dr. Wallach so far he was very honest very up front with what I need to do and he provided me with his professional advice on what I should expect if I was not to follow through with his advice, felt very comfortable that he was not about making money out of my wants instead he was honest and told me what I should do to obtain the results I am looking forward to. Not what I wanted to hear but I am very pleased with his honesty, now I been working on the weight loss and the smoking issue, however it is overwhelming, which one? Both, weight loss (extra fat in my intestines, that he mentioned can not be liposuction) and the not smoking. To top it of I been so stress trying to achieve both, that now I am thinking of and in need of food and smokes due to the stress that I am bearing upon myself. Anyone has any suggestions? I am really desperate I want to look good and feel healthy, therefore without a doubt I need and I am looking forward to this procedure.

I've done both within a year, I know how hard it is. Work on the smoking first, then work on your diet, so that you're not clinging to the cigarettes because you're hungry. Maybe even try weight watchers, it worked for me and showed me how to eat properly and portion. Plus you won't have to cut out any kinds of food AT ALL.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Losing weight and quitting smoking and very hard, but you can do this! Are you on some sort of weight loss program or are you doing it alone? I know a lot of women swear by weight watchers.

Here's a thread about quitting smoking that might offer you some support. Support is definitely critical for you right now.

Please keep us posted!

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Based on research, education and experience obtain online. After my free consultation I confirmed he is about been professional not about making money off of ones insecurities and wants, he puts his knowledge, experience & professionalism 1st. I am not been paid I am given my personal experience. I also enjoyed the presence of Kendra from Cosmetica, she was very helpful!

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