Liposuction with or Without Mini Tummy Tuck (No MR) - Manhattan, NY

45 yo, 5'6", 145 lbs, divorced with 2 kids. I've...

45 yo, 5'6", 145 lbs, divorced with 2 kids. I've always had a tummy pooch & pregnancy / years have made it worse. Planning to have liposuction of abdomen / flanks / outer & inner thighs. Considering a skin-excision only mini tummy tuck too on basis of dr's recommendation. Concerns about scarring & post-op recovery - I have to go back to work 7 days after and need to be up & about. Anyone else have a mini tummy tuck with no MR?

be sure to let us know how it turn out. i am so waiting for mi day spring 2013 or end of winter (end of march)and i wish you best of luck chica! Your going 2 b just fine. and God will see to it. Just think positive,and much commentary here, some suffer pain,overwhelming but most post i see are minimal/to zero pain amazing just a lil discomfort. so i hope the same for you. a lil long type scar,is IMO worth it when i lose rest of my back fat side rolls! lol and my belly i drop so much weight(was schedule last year)glad i am going this year.and i really think your going to be just fine.Keep us posted!adios. god speed *Certified-Sexxxi-FlatStomach2013*

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's what some doctors say about mini tummy tucks without muscle repair.

Two more days! Please keep us posted. Will you be putting up your before and after photos?

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