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Hi Ladies, It's been a while since I posted any...

Hi Ladies,
It's been a while since I posted any new info but finally I can say I'm scheduled for removal September 6th. My ruptured implant is now completely empty and I guess I can say that I have a preview of what's to come. From what I have read most of you have gone from either removal after capsular contracture or just removal of the implant. With having a rupture it kind of gives you a before and after look. One implant still in tact and still looking pretty good while the other implant is flat and droopy- giving you the before and after look. I don't know if I should look at this as a good thing or a bad thing. Most people are just suprised after explant but for me I sort of know what they are going to look like, which can make you think twice about removal.

I went to VS yesterday to try on some bra's being that the side that is ruptured is my new size. I have to say I was a little depressed. The new B side of me was barley making a dent in my shirt next to the full of herself C side. If you are like me with one ruptured implant then I don't recommend trying on any bra's until they are both out. It's somewhat depressing! Anyway, it's been 10 years since I had them put in and in two weeks they will be gone! After 10 years they have become part of the family. LOL! If I had to make the choice again I most certainly would have never put them in and I don't regret my decision to remove them. I am looking forward to the peace of mind of not having a foreign object in my body and I am looking forward to making the rest of me the best of me!


Hi Naddy this is reed69, i read your post somewhere else about having explant on the 6th Sept. You sound like you are not happy--hang in there. I had mine out on the 4th sept. Went from a c cup to nothing!!! Both nipples caved in--take a look at my profile.---you cant be as bad???? I´m just saying hang in there it really is early days (that is what i am telling myself!) It is a shock for us all going through explant and dealing with the smaller breasts etc. Having said all this i have no regrets of having them out! I think you are probably going through every emotion that alot of us on here have gone through--we all support each other, whatever the outcome.Take care xxxx
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It would be difficult trying on bras when your breasts are two different sizes! Here's a link to some ways too give your chest some oomph after your implants are removed. Just another couple weeks until you're back to natural. Please keep us posted!

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