I Am a Small 32B and Want to Go to a Mid C Cup- NOT A D!! What Size? - Manhattan, NY

I currently wear a size 32B bra and it fits but I...

I currently wear a size 32B bra and it fits but I do not completely fill it out. I am wanting to go to a full C cup and do NOT want a D. I am very thin. 120 lbs and 5'7. I think a D will not look good, or natural on my frame. I have selected highly cohesive gel implants under the muscle. Please let me know what CCs you suggest to get me to my goal of a full C. I am very confused as I have heard a 350cc under the muscle to as low as a 250 under the muscle. Please help.

Everyone is so different that it is hard for any of us to tell you what size is best. I would suggest trying sizers. Didnt your doc have any at the office?? You could even buy a C bra (NOT padded!) and take it into his office and try it with the sizers to see if it fits. Also size gets a little smaller once it goes under the muscle. You say  you have selected highly cohesive gel implants, but there is also different profiles to consider. Such as moderate profile, moderate plus, and high profile. Your doc would be best at giving advice or selecting that for you.

Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for starting your story. Here's what some doctors have to say about implants and cup size. Make sure you're very open and communicative with your surgeon so he knows what you want and expect from your breast aug. Please come back and give us updates when you're able!

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