Plus Size Gal Looking to Get a BBL by Dr. Schulman - Manhattan, NY

Hey there, i am a 27 yr old hispanic mom of one. I...

Hey there, i am a 27 yr old hispanic mom of one. I have been doing my research for over a year looking for that perfect doctor to fullfill my expectations. I am currently 5'3 260lbs. My goal weight is 220. I am wanting a bigger butt humongous if need be said lol. Doctors in DR exceed my expectations, am just not ready to take the risk of traveling abroad and not making it back to the states to my family. Therefore i am willing to stay in the US and pay more for my procedure with a board certified surgeon where i can be close to my love ones and heal at my home. I was looking at Dra. Almonte, there really isnt many reviews about her but the ones there are are pretty good and love her work. But after the young lady that died this past february due to a pulmonary embolism i am iffy about going to DR. Then i came across Dr. Cortes, i love his work and his price is reasonable its just a little far from home in texas. I was looking at DR. J but his booking is off the walls. So i found DR. Schulman and am really looking forward to meeting him and get this surgery date booked. I havent called for my consultation but i will do so tomorrow and i will keep u guys posted. I just don't know very well if he works on plus size women. I am hoping he does.
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Looking at his pictures I don't see women who are plus size. They may be size 14 or 16. That's a great question. I'm booked in sept for my procedure and from the reviews and meeting him he seems to do a great job.
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Are you plus size as well. I have a consultation with him on june 25th. I started my diet now hopefully by then ill be down to 240.
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