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Hi , Im 18 years old and i live in new york. Im...

Hi , Im 18 years old and i live in new york. Im really interested in getting my butt done (BBL) PROBLEM IS i need to find a great doctor. Im a slim girl and im looking to get a nice butt as well as LIPO to remove all my unwanted fat. My mom is paying this as part of my graduation gift and refuses to let me leave NY to get it done so PLZ help me find a doctor

The ones I've had consultation with r all in FL and their results are amazing. I'm going to Dr. Perry ($8400). Check out Dr. Salama ($9199), Dr. Ghurani ???, Dr. LaGrasso ($6000) currently running a promotion and dr. Jimerson ($9300) is in ATL. Good luck!!
Ur the best .. Salama is totally booked :( I really like perry and lagrasso ( I emailed him to ) ... Jimerson is really expensive my mom laughed at me when I told her the price of everything . I think it's best to go anywhere but NY ... I'm really skinny and New York told me 12,000 CRAZY
Yeah that's ridiculous!! Try calling Perry's office tmrw and Norma will usually tell u when the best time to reach him. I think he's in surgery on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but u can usually catch him more towards the evening.
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