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Just an update. I had botox done and it was great!...

Just an update. I had botox done and it was great! I was very nervous since it was my first time under Dr. Krant care. Well, i believe that she used a " fresher" botox than my previous doctor. This time i was able to see the results next day. It was painless and she was very understanding about me being nervous. It looks more natural compared to my previous experience....i will have Restylane soon and will update my review once it is done.


I'm glad everything went well for you. What areas did you have treated? I'm assuming you will see more of the effects of the Botox over the next few days, so please keep us posted if you are still liking it when it has taken full effect.

We would love to hear about your experience with Restylane, here is a link to get you started when you are ready. :)

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Sure, i will do that! I had such a great experience that i wanted to share it. I will post an update once the procedure is done.
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Thanks so much for posting your doctor testimonial. While we appreciate this, the main focus of the RealSelf community is to discuss our experiences with different treatments, both the pros and cons. By sharing the details of your experience you can help others in the community who are considering the same procedure and you can get support from others who have done treatment.
So, if you wouldn't mind coming back and fleshing it out a little: telling us why you had the procedure done, what it was like, and how your healing process progressed, we would be happy to add it to the Botox community.

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Realself reviews. I went to see Dr. Krant based on Realself reviews. I had my first appointment today and I am so impressed that I decided to write this review. Previously I had a bad experience with another Doctor called Dr. N. Sadick and honestly I was afraid that she would be just like him, a business man. For my surprise, Dr. Krant was unbelievable, extremely professional and honest and never tried to sell anything to me( opposite of the other doctor that I went) . First of all, she listened to my concerns and answered to every question that I had. I feel so happy that I found her and I feel confident that my search for a good and honest doctor is over. I cant wait to have my procedure done. If you are looking for a doctor that do not see you as "pure profit" , you can go see Dr. Krant, you wont regret! I highly recommend.

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