Smartlipo to Chin - Manhatten, New York

I recently had a SmartLipo procedure to my chin...

I recently had a SmartLipo procedure to my chin area on March 20, 2014 and I am very concerned about my results so far. I am now in my 5th week and have seen very little change. Before my procedure I had a heavy doubled chin with loose skin in middle (turkey neck). Well, the swollening has gone down and I now see alot of loose skin (turkey neck) just as I did before my procedure.
I have completed my 2nd follow-up visit with the doctor and was told to continue wearing my compression garment and that it is very possible I my require more laser to tightening skin within 6 months of final results. This is really disturbing since I had high hopes for a successful procedure the first time around. I will continue to wear my compression garment for 3 months or until I have completed my next follow-up visit ( 2 months) with the doctor in May. I am strongly considering having another doctor review my results.


Hi, if it may ask a question, how much did this procedure cost?
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Hi, Dymo_Roxy :).  I'm the community manager, and in case thompson123 doesn't check their messages a lot, I'll try to help.  When a community member decides to share the cost of their procedure, it will always be listed just under the title's review, next to a circle symbol with a dollar-sign in it.  So in this case, they listed $3108 as the price they paid.

Are you interested in smart lipo?
Oh gosh, I didn't see that! Know I know, thank you. Yes, I am interested, this site has been very helpful so far in providing information :)

I will post a fill review/rating at a later date.

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