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Great but Too Expensive - Manhattan

I had two syringes of juvederm ultra plus injected...

i had two syringes of juvederm ultra plus injected into my nasal folds..it has only been 7 hrs since i was injected this afternoon.i have no swelling or bruising(yet)i already can see good results..my concern is spending $2750 for the two syringes..i understand i had it done in manhattan, but did i get ripped off?? if i did,where can i go next time in the ny area

Ok def keep u updated. In the meantime,do u know of any good docs that r cheaper?? Thank u for all your help!!

Here's a link to more doctors in Manhattan who offer Juvederm: click here

Most should be able to give you a general cost estimate via email. You can click on their profiles to contact each doctor. Hope this helps!

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i would recommend him if you can afford him..i know i cant for the next time

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