Implant Too Big for my Face - Manhattan, NY

I decided to get an implant not to really augment...

I decided to get an implant not to really augment my chin but more so to hide increasingly double chin and lack of jaw line. I felt as if it was too big when i was in postop but hoped that it would get better as the swelling subsided. However, i feel like the opposite has happened. i think my chin has grown due to scar tissue growth. And now i look like i have someone else's chin. it is so noticeable that something's terribly off.

I'm seriously considering taking the implant out, but im scared that i'll get witch's chin.... I regret this surgery so much... I feel like a freakshow.

Hi Dustoff, Did you have your chin implant removed? If Did Your chin go back to the orginal way it look or slightly different? If you have a removal are you much happier with the way you look? I had mine removed it was the smallest implant but it looked to unatural. I honestly think that maybe chin implants are for people with deformed chins but not the majority.
Dustoff, It's hard but give it some time. You underwent surgery to change your appearance and it's natural to undergo an adjustment period. it appears most times people are expecting very little recovery time and seems like the truth is far from what's sold online. I am looking for a chin implant / jaw definition myself but haven't found a surgeon yet. Will be posting my pics pretty soon. You should consider sharing some pictures when you feel up to it. We're here to support you. Hope you feel better.

Hi dustoff -- I'm really sorry to hear that your chin implant isn't working out. There is actually someone else here on RealSelf, Sarah_H, who is going through a similar thing right now. Perhaps you two could compare notes?

Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress.


I decided to get my chin implant out this month by...

I decided to get my chin implant out this month by a different surgeon, which meant more money spent! I could've gone back to the original surgeon, but I couldn't trust him again.

I'm still healing from the removal, but uncertain as to how it'll look. I'm hoping I'll get some of my original self back and not have the removal done in vain.

Healing from chin implant removal has not been a walk in the park as surgeons claim on this question forum. I'm almost a month in and still can't talk or smile properly, and eat normally. This has been giving me emotional stress as it affects how I interact with people since I'm talking all crooked and can't smile normally. (I got it done intrally, both implant and removal).

If you are considering a chin implant, please do a thorough research. I would even say don't do it unless you have an EXTREMELY receding chin. If you could go without it, maybe get fillers first to see how you'd look with more projection. And understand that everyone responds to surgery differently, so you can't simply go and blame the doctor if you don't like the way you look.
I feel your pain. Something similar happened to me. I had a slightly recessive chin and my vanity wanted it "fixed". What a MAJOR turned out to be a nightmare. I have this small face and the surgeon gave me a large square man chin???!?!?! Still trying to get back. Hang in there...Im trying to decide if I want to remove mine at this time as well. Im afraid of the sagging I may get but I just never liked what it did to the front view of my face. Profile is great....chin is still too big from the front.
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