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I am a brand new invisalign patient and i have...

I am a brand new invisalign patient and i have started writing a blog to document my experience with it. i will be posting pictures and answering any questions that people who are still researching the treatment may have.
I am 19 so it is really from a young persons perspective.
Feedback is appreciated (:

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I'm looking to be a patient soon too. I'm looking at invisalign surrey so hopefully this works out for us.

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Hi I am from Newcastle upon Tyne slightly north of you, just wondered where you got yours and how much was it in sterling? Thanks.
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in calgary ab, canada have just forked out 5 days ago 3090 (CDN $) towards the total of 9330 ...only 26 months left to pay off the rest! (approx double your cost!) This includes all diagnostics, 36 aligners, seeing the orthodontist, (or the technician) every two months approximately and all future followup. (within reason). Consider yourself lucky. So no, I won't be drinking anything but water at this price while I have the aligners in!
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Hey faddyj, I'm also in Manchester, was wondering which orthodontist you chose? And did you consult many others?

I'm assuming your treatment will be £4000 in total?

Apologies for the interrogation, I'm looking to get invasillign too, just want to make sure I don't end up paying through the nose for it!

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I actually like the look of your teeth, But congratulations on invisalign :) 
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Congrats on getting started! It looks like you have some attachments on your upper teeth, is that right?

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i have 4 attachments on my upper teeth and 4 on my lower. i found during the first days that they were really annoying when i was eating but you get used to it all really fast. I'm still on my first set of aligners but i swear i can feel a difference in my teeth already!
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