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It's going ok I guess apart from the swelling...

It's going ok I guess apart from the swelling and soreness, which is getting me down.. I'm three weeks post op an still unable to do much at all I have family around who are helping out.

My concern is the swelling inthe evening and night are very sore are so swollen I think they are going to open up.. I use an ice pack drink plenty of water sleep up right and it is a chore get up from the bed in a morning as my breasts feel like two rocks and have to hold both an lift my self of the bed using my tummy muscles.. I was a 28 HH and now think I'm a D as cant tell due to swelling.

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Was neglected at the hospital and nothing was really explained an no real time was spent with me at all, it's very disappointing when you are looking at someone to guide you in the right direction and yet no one did and I was just left to it...

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Hi Tona,Im six weeks post op today and after reading about the six months when everthing settles, I cant wait.. I can totally understand where you are coming from as i keep calling my collegue and she is a brill nurse, to come over and check if everything is fine any signs of infections as reading other peoples recovery is amazing even on youtube where people start goint to the gym four weeks post op ... an im stuck here at home. My sister drove me to the park yesterday and walked with me lol i dnt think she was to happy as was freezing but i was so desperate to go for a walk and feed the ducks.. and had a shower with some help with my hair and back and when i started to change my steristrips and got through half and could not go any further because i was scared so felt the rest.. its so hard to redress them yourself :(
My right nipple is super sensitive than my left but they dont affect me in the cold weather maybe because I place some gauze over them under the bra... try that mayb that might take some of the discomfort away..
I have plenty energy but my sleeping pattern is all messed up as get up so many times a night and still cant sleep on my side so cnt get comfortable on my back. Tona it should be fine if your incisions are are healed as im using normal shampoo and then simple soaps everywhere else, with full showers i have once aweek and an wash with a towel the rest of the days but i can wash on my own waist level.
i have researched alot and its good to wear tape for awhile for support and for good results for scaring, what tape you using ? and how often are you changing it ?
..Dnt worry you can always talk to me as i will never get board and yes its such a big op as what we cannot see are the sutures inside and they will need along time for them to heal.. ive got a apt to see the doc this week for a sick note as still unable to drive and hate the uncomfortable journey .. Im so happy for you Tona that youhave gone to work and feel better for it. We both will get there in teh end and its not so long now so hang in there because you got a friend here that send you prayers of good health. :)
Take care x
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Hi Hana
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I am now bac to work full time plus two evenings at University and as well as family and home committments so haven't had the time to check into the site. Hope by now things are easier for you and you are able to drive and maybe back to work, it really will help you get your mind of things.
I'm seven weeks post op tomorrow and things a bit easier for me, still a bit painful especially if I overdo it. I took the tape off in the past few days but had a tiny bit of bleeding beside my right nipple so put a small piece back on. I'm now using bio oil to try and help the scars. I am also still a bit discoloured and sore at the bottom of my breasts, so things seem to be healing from the top down. I am still not used to the smaller size and can't believe they are mine.
All the best
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Hi, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. I live in Northern Ireland and had my BR done two weeks ago privately as the NHS waiting list is too long. Did you go private as well? I am also experiencing something similar to you, but not to the same extent as you. I feel great first thing in the morning and can get in and out of bed and do most things easily but as the day progresses my breasts become painful and tender to touch. I checked this out with my surgeon's nurse yesterday and she was happy with my breasts and told me to make sure I take things easy. I am trying not to take painkillers unless really necessary and think it's part of the healing process. My energy levels are also not back to normal but I think this is normal enough at my stage. Looking at other posts on the site it seems other people also experience pain at our stage, but you should perhaps go back to your doctor just to make sure everything is ok. I hope things improve for you soon.
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Thanks Tona,
Yes I went private as I have been waiting too long already making my mind up so I thought I wud go for it as my bra size was going up an could not take part in alot of activities due to not being able to get a sports bra to offer the sport sn the constant pain with shoulders, neck and headaches.... I'm happy I had it done but just feel so emotional as did not think I would still be unable to anything :(
I spoke to the nurse and she said it's normal to develop swelling in evening/night and for me to try cold pack ... Which I have started an seems to be helping an I sleep on my back an sleep upright.. I haven't needed pain relief since the op as it's not pain its a feeling of uncomfortableness and sore.. Keep intouch and do let me know how your are getting on.. What size were you ? And what are you now ? Congrats Hun on your BR. x Do you still have steri strips on? Are you having showers? I have to go to a hairdressers to get my hair washed lol..
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Hi it was good to hear from you again. Let me answer your questions first.
1)I was a 34H and am now between and C/D cup depending on the bra but I am not too concerned with it as I know there is a way to go to settle down. 2)I still have the steri strips on and was told to keep them on for a few weeks to come 3) Yes I have been showering and it feels so good, I bought Simple shower cream to avoid stinging and there have been no problems. My friend washed my hair for me last week and nearly drowned me so I think it will be easier next time to just wash it in the shower. I had to kneel down in front of the bath with a pillow between my chest and the bath previously. It's such a relief to hear that others have the pain at night in their breasts no one told me to expect this, but Kimmers on this site emailed me yesterday and suggested putting a cold pack on my boobs so not having one in the house I tried a packet of frozen peas and I felt great relief, so I bought a cold pack from the chemist today and it is currently in the freezer to be used tonight. It is nearly 6pm and my left boob is starting to feel sore again. I guess it must be all the moving about we do during the day which sets them off at night. My biggest fear is that they will grow back again and I have gone through all this for nothing. I know I am being silly. I know what you mean about feeling emotional I actually feel quite numb about the whole thing as yet, I thought after wanting smaller boobs for practically my whole life I would be jumping with joy when it actually happened, but I think we are at very early days yet and once we settle down and are able to do more and wear all the lovely tops we haven't been able to before we will really appreciate our new boobs. Can you tell me your before/after sizes and if you work have you started back yet, also do you have a family. I am due to go back to work next week and have three boys, two still at home and a lovely husband who has been looking after me so well. Sorry if I have gone on too long or bored you to death but its so good to have found someone at a similar stage as myself and not at the other side of the Atlantic. lol
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Hey Tona,
sorry for the long wait as had my period was not well at due to the pain and swelling in breasts...
I also have been advised to keep my steristrips on just to give the area support and Im also using simple soap when having shower but the really funny thing is i have to have my sister helping me as once I have taken my suppoort bra off i feel the breasts are gona open up or fall off, I dont know if i am the only one feeling like this...

ive been reading alot of blogs and forums about breast reduction and only a very small number of people have grown back but im not that sure how that would have will have to ask my surgeon in March of the possibilities of growing and i will let you know..
Dont worry because i totally understand how you feel as i too wanted BR due to constant pain but now i do feel mixed about it as still recovering, i sometimes cry and talk to my sister and tell that if i knew i was going to be in the state i am i would not have never gone for it but i just was so tired of having sore shoulders and unable to buy nice clothes and so on... my sisters tells me to give it time and wait for the swelling to go down then i will be able to do things i could not and buy new clothes, which does make me feel better.... i was 28hh and will be a 30d/32d im not sure because the post op bra i am wearing is 34d and its slightly tight around around the band where i have placed gauze for extra comfort.. i remember when i woke up after surgery and looked at my chest and got scared that they had taken it all it was a shock. they looking alot better now and not swollen to how they were a week ago, i still do get scared and think they will disapear as alot of people say after a BR it takes a few moths for swelling to disapear and they will get alot smaller.:( I did say to my surgeon that i dont what them to small so i look odd or too big for my frame...I had my surgery on the 9/1/12 and have not gone to work yet as cannot stand straight as yet and my car has been just standing there as its very uncomfortable to feel every little bump in the road.. i work as a community nurse so i really need to be 100% fit before i go back to work. Im not married neither do i have any children.. thats good to hear you have a supportive husband and a family, i always wanted children before my BR but never found my prince so thought ive been waiting for so long so i might aswel go for it because god knows when the children are going to come, i dont think i be able to breastfeed, thats a sacrifice i had to make..

lol dnt worry you didint send me to sleep...
Are you still sleeping on your back? x
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Hi Hana sorry to hear that you are still feeling rough. I am four weeks post op today and everyday that passes I do feel better. I think the two week mark was the most painful for me and I visited the clinic twice in two days just for reassurance. My breasts were really sore in the evenings with shooting pains and tingling and I really felt there were something wrong with me after reading all the posts on this site where most people seem to be hop skipping and jumping with joy and have no pain at all. After speaking to my surgeon who told me everything was knitting together inside and that it was still really early days for me, I decided to just suck it up and get on with it. I also talked to someone who had the op nine years ago and she remembered the pain and also the tiredness and said it's a good six months until everything really settles down. Since then I haven't been too bad but do still have some pain and my nipples are super sensitive particularly in the cold weather. I have been having showers and baths just to waist level as I'm still wary about getting bath water on my scars. I'm also still wearing the tape and think I might have to for a good few weeks. I just started sleeping on my side in the last two nights but am still very wary about hurting myself and am still using more pillows than usual. I started back to work last week and was glad as to be honest it gives me something else to think about, I am becoming bored thinking and talking about my boobs and I know I am also boring other people, but it's such a big thing to have gone through its hard not to talk about it which is why its great talking to you. I can understand your relunctance to go back to work as your job is very physical, so take your time going back make sure you are mentally and physically ready.
Keep you chin up X
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