So Painful to Take Out, but Only on Day 2!

I've got my first sets and was after a bit of...

I've got my first sets and was after a bit of advice: When I take the aligners out they get stuck on the plastic attachments that are on my teeth. The attachments are really sharp and seem to point upwards on my upper teeth, is this normal to keep them in place? It honestly feels like I'm pulling my teeth out when I take them out. I'm fine with the aching, I expect it and to be honest it is quite comforting as it shows my teeth are moving (hopefully!). What I'm looking for is a bit of reassurance I guess from other people on here - are your attachments really sharp and do they wear down a bit - or do I need to get myself back to the dentists?

I can't comment on the result yet, although having read some of the reviews on here I'm a bit worried now. My teeth are ok anyway, I just want them to be perfect, so I hope that this isn't a counterproductive experience. What I would say is that they are NOT invisible. Maybe it's because I'm on my first set, so my teeth aren't straight, but you can clearly see it and the attachments are noticeable even from a distance. Any feedback would be gratefully accepted!

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I'm undecided as yet, but they could be a bit more 'caring'....

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Something I tried and worked is to keep it one additional day than the indicated date, and wear a new aligner at night, so if you had to change your aligner on Jan 1st, wait until the 2nd at night, it hurts a little bit in the morning (onthe 3rd then) but way less...and this way, on your whole treatment you just have 1 day of delay and 80% less pain...
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I had mine fitted yesterday afternoon and the pain is something else! I knew it was going to hurt, but I struggled last night big time not to take them out. It's very difficult I find to resist the temptation to whip them out and make it stop....however!! I was so looking forward to taking them out for breakfast this morning but they hurt even more without them in and then I couldn't wait to put them back! I also find them really difficult to get out and quite panicky when they seem to get stuck. Just waiting for the hours to tick by so it won't hurt so much anymore. Also find some rough edges and I have a new found lisp. My lovely orthodontist though reassures me that it's all normal!
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The first tray was the worst. I had to go back to the orthodontist the next day to have them take it out because I couldn't get it over the 7 attachments and my teeth/gums hurt so bad. After they took it out, I realized that it was (apparently) supposed to feel like I was ripping my teeth out. After a couple days you will figure out the method to taking out the aligner and the rest will get easier. Even the pressure you feel on the first day will lessen the further you get into your treatment. Pay attention to how you take them off to get them easily over the attachments. For example, I pop off the back half of each side, pull the left half off over the 3 attachments while putting my nail in between the 2nd right front tooth and aligner (where the tray gets stuck) and pulling down til it pops off. Once you figure out the trick, the rest will be a breeze. I do agree-they are not invisible at all! That has been my greatest disappointment so far in my treatment.
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LoL i luv how KJM said it's supposed to feel like ur ripping ur teeth out!! LOL thanks for tha laugh cuz thats exactlty what i thnk everytime i go to take mine out. I actually dread having to eat just because it hurts so much to take them out. i want to say i am only on day three of my very first invisilign set. I am on invisilign Express and i guess they prescribed 10 trays. i only have very small movements needed. I'm hoping it's worth all the pain!! The firt day and night was HORRIBLE!! Also they told me nothing about having to put buttons on or grinding gaps in my teeth until they actually did it. i also wanted to take them out so bad the first day but now on the third day i would rather have them in than out, even though it still doesnt feel great in my mouth. I try to only eat once in the morning and evening when i have to take them out anyways to brush and floss. I am very pain tolerant and i almost want to cry every time i take them out but true it seems to be gettimg slightly easier to take them out each time which isnt saying much. I don't know if i would have gotten invisilign if i knew it was this much pain. They made it seem so easy to "pop them in and out" and never mentioned i would feel pain or discomfort. oh well gotta go through with it now. hope i get 4,000 dollars worth of results!
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Don't worry, by day 3 it won't be painful anymore, and not all trays give you that problem. I had 28 trays. A few of them were worse than others and it hurt to take them out for the first 2 days of the aligners. I had 8 buttons. By day 3 they didn't hurt anymore and by day 5 they were a piece of cake. Out of 28 trays I had maybe 5 that were like that, painful.
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Based on my experience, I would tend to agree with the above - when trays were changed, maybe some mild discomfort for the first couple of days, especially when removing the trays - nothing too bad though. After that, virtually no discomfort until the next tray change in 2 weeks.
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