Botox and Eye Strain

Ive had botox many times with no problems but i...

ive had botox many times with no problems but i have never had it on the forehead. I have botox to get rid of wrinkles around my eyes.

i had botox in the forehead 1 month ago, and have since developed a aching and squint in my eyes which can only be relieved by sleeping. Can this be a side effect of the treatment? If so, what treatment to ease the strain in my eyes are available?
glad to say my eyes have settled down, i will not be botoxing my forehead again xx
I wonder if you have asked your provider? I know Botox can cause headache and blurred vision. I hope you are feeling better and possibly have gotten some answers from your doctor.
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i never had any problems with the person who does the botox, she always does a great job

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