Basically I got a tattoo on the inside of my foot - Tattoo Removal - Manchester, GB

Hey everyone, Basically I got a tattoo on the...

Hey everyone,

Basically I got a tattoo on the inside of my foot, the whole length of it..(I only have size 3 UK) and I hated it.. So had 2 laser sessions onit and then was moving abroad for a while so instead of carrying it on I deciding to get a cover up because it was the easy way out and much cheaper haha.. Most stupid idea ever. Straight after I hated the cover up it's a butterfly at the top of my foot then goes into a swirly shaded pattern. It's black and purple. So after finding this website and realising I am not the only one who regrets a tattoo I am abit more relieved to be able to ask others who are in the same situation

I just basically wanted people's opinions on what laser should I go for and if anyone has had a foot tattoo removed before and would love to hear their story :) thank you!
Just checking in for an update, have you started with the removal process?

Welcome :) You are certainly not alone and you have found the perfect support group! Black in responds very well to laser treatment. Purple can be a struggle, from my understanding it depends on the shade and type of ink. My purple (dark mixed with a bit of pink) is fading, but slowly. I am being treated with the AlexTriVantage which is a Q-switched laser with 755 nm, 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelength, so it can treat black and most color -  it is working well on the black and green. Cover ups are denser ink so can take longer to treat as well, but it is not impossible, although no removal is 100% guaranteed. I am linking you to a few members on the site who have similar stories. If you could post a photo that would help the community give you more feedback, good luck!

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