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After being treated with Botox for years, I have...

After being treated with Botox for years, I have switched to Dysport for treating my Glabella and Crow's feet area.

Dysport started to take effect within 24 hours after receiving treatment and I have noticed that Dysport has lasted about 2-3 weeks longer than the Botox. Dysport is less expensive and is in my opinion better than Botox. Thumbs up!


Hi ryenh,

Welcome to the Dysport community! I'm so glad everything worked so well for you. Did you have any pain or downtime from the procedure? Will you continue with it in the future since everything worked out so well? Please keep us updated and we'd love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing.

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Manchester Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dysport begins to work within 24-48 hours, unlike Botox which takes up to one week to work. If you have a last minute event, this is a great treatment for lines & wrinkles. Dysport is less expensive than Botox and in my experience it has lasted a couple weeks longer than Botox. Be sure to go to an expert injector who knows how to administer the drug properly.

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