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I am in my 60s and always dislike my crooked...

I am in my 60s and always dislike my crooked teeth, but I went to a cosmetic dentist and he suggested Invisalign. My insurance paid $2000 of it. The process takes a lot of disapline. It is you life for months. I do use pain killer drugs every new set the first 2 days of each set, otherwise I cannot sleep. The trays kind of flair out and scraped the mucous membrane in my mouth. Finally I complained a lot and the dental assistant grinds them down, which helps a lot. My top teeth are looking very good. I needed 15 trays for the top and 20 for the bottom. I use tooth whitener to keep my teeth nice and white. I would recommend this to a friend, but it is not easy. I still lisp after 6 months, but I don't care. Only m y husband says he cannot understand me as well.
Dr. Christopher Comfort

The dentist is Board Certified Cosmetic dentist. His assistant is still in training.

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I am on tray 15 now, which is the last for the uppers, I have to go to 20 for the lowerd. My teeth look very good. I still use a painkiller for 2 days of a new tray, because of the pressure. That is a pretty low amount, and I nap through that day. After it is all over, one front tooth has to been built up to match perfectly. Then retainers forever. I find a lot my my 60+ year old friends are still concerned about appearance. Thank god, because some of them let themselves go......
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Great to hear from you, and to hear that you're still doing so well!  I think it's great to know that the teeth will still move and the bone will still remodel in our sixties.  I wonder if they do Invisalign on older folks, like eighties.
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Thank you for reviewing your doctor here on RealSelf.  :)  Are you around tray 8 now?  I never got rid of the lisp completely either during my treatment, but it did get better after about a year.  That is an unusually long time for it to take, by the way. :)  Are you still needing the pain killers at this point?  Or did that stop once they started filing down your trays?

Congratulations for finally getting to do this for yourself! :)  I hope you'll be able to post a picture--I'm sure there are lots of people who are a little older and wondering whether it's worth it doing this for themselves. One of our community members down in the California desert is also a late start on her Invisalign (she says she's nearly 64), but she's doing extremely well with it.  She's called MsKityCity and if you click on her name it will take you to her review.  She's on tray 9 now, so I think you guys are around the same place!

I hope you find the support you need here in our community!
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I am almost finished now. The pain diminished so I did not have to take drugs with tray changes. I think Invisalign changed materials at one point as the trays are more comfy. I am finished the uppers and one month from finishing the lowers. The correction is great. I will need new caps on top. Once you have all your teeth nice and straight, you notice other things. Like my caps don't match my natural teeth, so I am going for perfect color match. As an older person, I had some grinding, so there are teeth length differences. It is all subtle and my husband thinks I am a perfectionist. I guess that is true. But I want a nice smile so I am going for it!
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I think it's totally understandable!  Once you start treatment you notice every single thing about your teeth--and it feels like, in for a penny, you know?  When I hot a crown after invisalign, it HAD to be zirconium :D.  Did you do whitening as well?
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