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I had augmentation rhinoplasty over a year ago....

I had augmentation rhinoplasty over a year ago. There was a break in the skin and the implant was removed just a few days ago.

Since a part of my nose bridge was rasped/filed, I was initially afraid that once the implant was removed, the skin would sag and reveal a very unnatural flat surface where the bone was rasped. My doctor said that this wont be so because of the capsule that was formed at the time that the silicone was still implanted. True enough, the skin did not take the shape of the bone and upon inspection, I can feel the capsule.

It was terrible. The implant was removed because it was too long and it skewed. Afterwards, the implant broke skin so it had to be removed.

I just want to find out whether the capsule will dissolve on it on accord. If it will dissolve, how long will it take to dissolve? Are there cases where the capsule does not dissolve?


So how are you now? Do you fell well? I guess we have the same case. I had my rhinoplasty (silicone) last 2007, but it extruded last week so it was removed. My surgeon adviced me that after a month i have to do again another rhinoplasty (gor tex). Now, Im a bit scared! If it is okay to do the surgery again in just one month of healing process..
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wow, how are you doing now?? Did your doctor tell you that it's not good to put an implant in?? What did he say about what happened to your nose? Do you feel like he fixed it?
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