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Since 2007 i have suffered from bad acne and it...

Since 2007 i have suffered from bad acne and it left me with scars on my cheek. I still suffer from severe blackheads and clogged pores until now.
6 months ago i decided to go for matrix rf after ipl ruined my skin(made my skin drier and clogged my pores).

Now, after six session of matrix rf, my face sagged more and i look sad due to the sagging. I was wondering perhaps its because ot the rf eye treatment that i bought together, for each time the therapist does my eyes, she would acctually place the nozzle below my eyes and pull it down. I have not seen any improvement exept i look "sad" now as if someone died or something. Im so disapointed. I still have 6 more session to go but now im starting to wonder if i should carry on. Im afraid ill look like a bulldog if i carry on. I dont need to be super preety. I just need to have a better skin texture and firm face. Ps. I want to upload my photo but i couldnt find the add photo option. Could sombody tell me where it is?

I'm sorry to hear you think you look sad all the time. I can definitely see why you wouldn't be happy with that change. Since you aren't liking the change you see, you might be best off not continuing with the treatment. Have you discussed your dissatisfaction with the provider who did the procedure?

I'm glad you want to share some pictures. Here is a link to our Help section that explains how to do it.

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