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After losing 175 pounds (on my own-no weight loss...

After losing 175 pounds (on my own-no weight loss surgery) I was left with tons of sagging skin on stomach and legs. After months of agonizing over whether or not I was "just being vain"-I saved my pennies and had a full lower body lift done 4 weeks ago. It is called an "Inverted T circumferential body lift"--basically tummy tuck with butt and waist being lifted up too. I did spend one night in the hospital (I highly recommend it)-the first time I tried to get out of bed I thought I would die! But, honestly, even by the 2nd try just hours later it was a bit better. 4 JP drains in-I got the first 2 out after one week, the second 2 after 2 weeks. SO far, no serums. No pain meds needed since second night home (I hate pain meds anyway!) MD had warned me about constipation-and he was right!! No problems with that either after the first week. No regrets for me---I am scared that I might not heal "right"-still have swelling. For me, the swelling has moved to both thighs-they look like well filled water balloons at this point.

My MD says to use vaseline on scars, that it works just as well as Mederma-has anyone else heard this? Also, recommends against Vit E as it can cause problems.

Even with swelling, and scars being quite red, I am so happy I did this. It sure is good to see things should only get better and better from this forum!!


Thank you Kirsty!
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Hi there,

Thanks for your review. Congratulations on your weight loss. You've done an awesome job with losing so much weight. I'm gad your Body Lift has been succesful also.

Would love to see some before/after pics once you're swelling goes down!

Take care,


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