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Ok so I am getting Juvaderm injections for the...

Ok so I am getting Juvaderm injections for the first time this coming Thursday at 5pm. I have been reading a lot of posts about how bad the bruising is and I am wondering if it's possible to cover it with make-up? And if people noticed the bruising? I tutor English so obviously my students can see me up close....I'm worried they will think I've been in some kind of accident!

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My bruising was bad and I knew it would be because I bruise easy! Makeup did not work! It was worth it, though!
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To be honest, I had 1/4 of a syringe injected between my eyes. I had/ have a large goose egg and bruise. Everyone has asked me what the heck happened to me! However, I had 1/2 syringe injected into my lower lip....amazing! No bruise, no soreness! Nothing but a super adorable pouty cute lower lip. As for the future, I will save my forehead for Botox. And continue Forever to use juvederm for my lips!
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I have it done about once a year. I do have some bruising and quite a bit of swelling. Once the swelling was so bad the next day I had to call in sick to work. I looked freakish. I've noticed if I put ice on it right afterwards and keep doing it on and off for the next several hours, then it reduces the swelling. However, because I'm never sure I try to get it done on a Friday so I have a few days to recover. The kind I get has Lydocaine in it to reduce the pain as it's applied. I've wondered if it's the Lydocaine that is causing the swelling. I'm not sure.
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I forgot to mention that I didn't have Juvederm put into my lips. I had it in the lines between my nose and mouth.
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I had mine done yesterday and have a dime size black bruise today. It's not on my lips, but right beside them on my face. Sometimes I bruise and sometimes I don't when I get this done. I ice for about five minutes before the injections. The first time I had it done I was so distressed because of the bruises and the typical duck look at the beginning. It all goes away and is beautiful -- but it can take up to a week. I'm surprised by how much people say they have injected into their lips. Anything over 1cc would be way too much for me. Less is more. I like a natural looking result.
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Thanks so much for your comment...I feel a bit like a duck this morning...I'm worried there is too much in my upper lip...Hopefully it's just swelling and it all goes down!
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It's just swelling and when it goes to normal in about 1 1/2 week , you will wish it was still swollen....lol :)
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It's not the bruising I'd worry about! It's being swollen and puffy! I had it done on Tuesday afternoon and I looked like a duck! The good news is that right now, the puffiness is just starting to dissipate. You have a beautiful smile! There is NO WAY I would mess with it! I regret doing Juvederm as I had a beautiful smile as well and now I look a bit distorted. Please keep me posted...

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I can understand why you would feel worried. It seems like a lot of the swelling and bruising is dependent on both the individual and the injector, so its really tough to say how much of either you might see.

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I'll be hoping your appointment goes great tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes and how you are doing afterwards!

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