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I had a 40% vision loss due to the drooping eyelid...

I had a 40% vision loss due to the drooping eyelid on my right eye. Great work -- I look wonderful!

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I am Salil from India. I have ptosis condition(drooping ofa eyelid). I want to talk to D. Lucarelli about this. I called his office today from India and got a email id but the email is not working . As you live in US can u please help me i getting the correct email id so that i can discuss my problem with him



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Hi Salil,

Click the link above (or here) and then click "Get a Consultation." This sends a private email to Dr. Lucarelli. Hope this helps. :)


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Welcome to RealSelf, Sharon. Thanks for sharing your story with us! Did you need any surgery on the left eyelid, or just the right one?

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