I Want This Blue Fish Removed from my Ankle

I have wanted to remove this tattoo from my ankle...

I have wanted to remove this tattoo from my ankle for a while now.  I am just beginning my research and would like to try the new PicoSure laser. 

I am now searching for a doctor in my area that is trained using this laser.  Since this is a newly approved process there are not a lot of doctors available. 

I will update as I have more information and details on the procedure itself.  My only hope is that the removal is not as painful as getting the tattoo.


Hi, just checking in to see if you started removal yet. The Picosure has been showing some promising results, here is a video you may find informative: 
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Unfortunately not yet.  Madison is not a big market for this procedure yet.  I am waiting for doctors to pop up in my area.
im also interested in tattoo removal.
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