Tummy Tuck 5 Days Ago

Day 5 post-op and still feeling discomfort. Have...

Day 5 post-op and still feeling discomfort. Have been staying alone since the third night with friends periodically checking on me. Had the belly button stitches removed today and hope to go back later this week to have the drain removed. Still unable to stand upright but the Dr. told me to start light stretching to help this along.

So far the worst part of the whole process is having developed bronchitis. Coughing after a tummy tuck is bad!!

Would recommend of you are a shorter person to have the doctor cut the abdominal brace down to cover just your belly so it doesn't inhibit expansion of your lower ribcage when breathing. Aside from that, the pain is easily managed with prescribed meds and am looking forward to the long term results!

Six weeks post op and am thrilled so far with the...

Six weeks post op and am thrilled so far with the results! Still some swelling but for the most part back to normal daily activity. No longer wearing baggy shirts to cover my poochy belly and it feels great to wear a snug fitting top to show off my flat tummy. Before & after pics to be posted soon...

Madison Plastic Surgeon

Dr. B is very straightforward and confident in his work. The staff you'll encounter both before and after the procedure are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you may have. At one point, I spent almost 45 minutes on the phone with one of the receptionists who had had several procedures done by Dr. B. She was very open as she explained her experience with the procedure.

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What are their financing options? Can you do payment plans without getting a loan? Im sure its different everywhere I just dont want to call and go in for a consult and get too excited just to realize its out of my reach
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I am have tummy tuck surgery in days and have bronchitis, but not real bad, should I go ahead and have the surgery
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Hi, Glad to see your post. Sorry to hear about your bronchitis, I hope you're feeling better. I'm from Dubuque, IA and considering a TT. I'm considering doctors in Madison, Chicago and Minneapolis. I was wondering if you might have before and after pics available that you could send. Anxious to hear your next update.
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I'm sorry you ended you ended up with bronchitis after your surgery but it is important to understand that respiratory problems can occur as a result of any major surgery especially abdominal surgery. It is important to either use an incentive spirometer (if your doctor prescribes one) or take nice deep breaths (such as the ones you take to yawn), cough, and move around (as tolerated). This can prevent respiratory complications after surgery. I hope you are feeling better by now. Keep us posted.
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I'm so sorry about your bronchitis. What horrible timing! I hope you were able to get the meds you need to get rid of it. Please keep us posted on how you're healing!
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Today is post op day 7 for me. Slept in my bed, out of the recliner, for the first time last night. Could not comfortably lie on my sides for any length of time due to discomfort. Still can not stand upright. I feel aweful for you developing bronchitis. I got strangled on water and thought my insides were ripping. There were not enough pillows and hands to cover all the muscles searing when I had my coughing spell. Uggghhh!
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wow you were able to sleep lying flat on yoru back after only 7 days!? WOW.... It will be 5 weeks tuesday post OP and I am JUST sleeping in my bed this week.
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Glad to hear you are doing good. I am five weeks out today and it is amazing how good I feel now. I am also in Madison, WI so if you need any help let me know! It gets better each week but the first three weeks are the hardest. You are correct...coughing and sneezing are miserable!
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Thanks for the encouragement. :)
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