So Far Love the Results

Had it done a few hour ago. The results are...

Had it done a few hour ago. The results are instant... My breasts look very natural and regained their fullness (breastfed 2 kids)
As the swelling subsides they might get a bit smaller or lumpy..thats the only worry.
but so far so good.
The prosedure was a bit uncomfortable, but the results are well worth it!!! Just hope they are not gonna change their shape:-) while healing

just wondering how it has last since 2009
Hi, I had my macrolane carried out 3 months ago. They will change shape slightly I expect. After the first 2-3 weeks your breasts do go down a bit or appear to because they soften, you do not lose size or at least I didn't. You will find they are a bit hard at first, this softens up and they look completely natural. I went from a 36b to 36c, and although that initial fullness has gone I am still a 36c. I am going back for a top up probably in November as I did like them looking bigger. I had 120mm injected originally. I am more than pleased and would not want to go back to my original size.
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