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Macrolane-Longevity Of Impact?

I had Macrolane done about 4.5 months ago and...

I had Macrolane done about 4.5 months ago and initally loved the results, however the effects (fullness) has all but worn off(after only 4 months).

has anyone else had this experience after such a short time or am I a exception?

Alot of money for a very very short time impact.

I was the first woman in S.A to have had this "wonderful product" called macrolane done. Well I am horribly disapointed by the result of the product. They lie when they say after 12 to 18 months you will only see the change...... afer a few weeks I can see the change! it is now 8 months and I am back to normal.... might as well throw all the bra's etc I had to buy away! Ladies go for the implants rather. don't waste your money on this product. JUST NOT WORTH IT
Hi, I was really inpressed with the results in the first week! I could see in the first week that they had gone down. The Dr said it was the swelling that had gone down. 8 months later I am back to normal. I don't recommend this product to any one ever!!! its not worth the amount of money with only a few months or should I say weeks of joy.
Hi. mine only lasted 4 months and its all gone.I am very angry because i paid £2800.That is too much considering the amount it last. I think its wrong to advertise saying it lasts for 12 to 18 months.that is such a lie and false advertising.I wish theer was somewhere i could put in an official complaint and get some of my money back.
Dr chris Inglefield

He was the authority in the field in the Uk, great personal skills (unlike most cosmetic doctors) and researched the options and he is the best in this area.

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