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I Want my Gap Back!! Could Orthodontists Widen Tooth Gaps? - Macon, GA

I had braces before my senior year in high school...

I had braces before my senior year in high school in 2007. I had a gap between my teeth and very tiny gaps on each side of my two front teeth. End of 2008 I got the braces off and really liked my smile but sorta still missed my gap but I had very great results! I wore my retainer exactly how my ortho told me for 6 months but I do beleive I may have continued wearing them for year or two.
Last yr (2012) my gap slightly open just a little bit but not noticable. I realize that even though i had a great outcome, I really do miss my gap and desire I larger one again just like it was pre braced state. I really would Love to know could a dentist or ortho widen my gap teeth back to its pre braced state? I want it just a little bit wider like it was b4 i had braces. Is this possible?


...and here I am trying to close my gap! (I have lots of gaps, though.)
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I would think to move them evenly you would need to go back into braces. Is that something you are considering as an option?

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Thanks Megan for the reply! Oh no I would never go back to braces. I love to eat baby carrots and chicken wings.
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