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Hello to all!!!! I am a 31 year old mother of five...

Hello to all!!!! I am a 31 year old mother of five kids. Married. I recently got a tummy tuck 2 1/2 months ago. About a week ago I had my first treatment of Lazer hair removal. I got it done in my bikini area and my upper lip. SO much better than waxing!!! About a month ago I went in for a brazillian wax for the first time and it was hell!!!! I ended up only getting a bikini there was no way I could go through with the whole brazilian.

The hair removal process was very comfortable didnt take long and Katie even touched up my make up for me before I left. I go see her for ultra sound thearapy twice a week. One day soon I will be getting a VI peel. and I know that I will be seeing no one but Katie at The Gallery of Cosmetic surgery. They always have sales and that's one thing I love about this wonderful group of people! If you are looking for a place that treats you like family when you walk in the door then The gallery is the place to go. I will up date more on my lazer hair removal.


Thats awesome, i am jealous no more shaving there. Lucky duck.
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Almost still need 5 more treatments.. but already have noticed a huge difference a lot less hair!

So I went in a few weeks ago for my second...

So I went in a few weeks ago for my second treatment of lazer hair removal on my upper lip..and my tummy tuck inscision area as well as upper pubic area. The results are huge!! Barley have any hair growth. after two treatments already notice a huge difference!!! Thank you Katie Upton

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